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Complex of methods and measures to assurance of safe operation and efficiency of Ukrainian NPP

Work number - P 5 AWARDED


Skalozubov V.I.,Komarov Yu.A., Biley D.V., VashenkoV.N., Gablaya T.V., Dragan G.S., Kolykhanov V.N., Mazurenko A.S., NosovskiyA.V., SherbinV.N.


Submitted by Institute for the safety problems of nuclear power plants of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.


The important scientific technical problem for development and introduction methods and measures safety increase and effectiveness of operation of nuclear power plants are decisions in the work. In the safety way:

- the program of safety increase level and radiation protection;

- scientific and technical bases and methodological support management of beyond design basis accidents;

- the method of operating diagnosis of thermoacoustic instability in reactor facilities;

- methods and means of heating equipment qualification of NPP.

In the increasing production efficiency way:

- optimization of the critical paths of scheduled maintenance of NPP;

- optimization of maintenance planning and testing of safety related systems equipment;

- optimization of metal control of piping and equipment during maintenance;

- methods of implementing the Reliability Centered Maintenance concept;

- methodological basis of technical studies for overhaul-period renewal of the equipment and pipelines.

Based on research results a number of regulatory (government and industry issue) and operational (enterprise standards, regulations, operating instructions, technical solutions) documents are developed and implemented.

About global level was evidence of advantages and originality of the developed methods as compared to the best-known domestic and foreign counterparts. Thus, the developed system of operating diagnosis of thermoacoustic instability of VVER coolant has no analogues in the world. The system is implemented based on standard instrumentation and allows the operator to prevent the occurrence of modes that cause structural deformation of the fuel elements. Methods of organizing the management of beyond design basis accidents, which can significantly reduce the possibility of operator error, are improved. Methods and tools for optimizing operational control, testing, maintenance and repair of heating safety related systems equipment are improved. The total estimated maximum expected annual economic effect would be 527 million UAH.

Scientific results are publishing in 10 monographs and more than 130 articles.