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Creation of cyclic-and-continuous transport on the base of steeply inclined conveyer for transferring of rocky mountain mass from quarries

Work number - P 44 FILED


Aldabaev G.K., Kryshin O.Yu., Kucherskiy  N.I., Lavrenko Yu.V., Larionov E.D., Mal'gin O.N.,Malyuk S.V., Sil'chenko Yu.A., Snitka N.P., Sheliepov V.I.

Presented:A state enterprise «State research, project-designer and project institute of coal industry “UKRNDIPROEKT”» (SE «Institute «UkrNDIproekt»).

Purpose of work and basic idea for its achievement: to create more effective transport for a deep quarryon the base of resource saving cyclic-continuous transport from steeply inclined conveyor SIC.

Scientific-practical importance of the work.

Creation, starting and industrial operation of the cyclic-and-continuous transport (CCT) with steeply inclined conveyer SIC-270 in the quarry "Muruntau" have proven in the practice the reality of the implementation of the idea of transferring of the rocky mountain mass on the day surface with capacity of 3500 t/h on the height of 270 m under the general angle of the inclination of the pit wall slope (37 degrees). CCT with SIC-270 is a resource-saving technology and unique engineering construction which has no analogues in the world's practice of open pit mining. It allows to improve the competitiveness of the natural material resources which are extracted with open method and gives a ground for the reviewing of the bounds of transition to the underground method (in particular, to bring the depth of the quarry "Muruntau" under the project of the fourth stage to 675 m, and in future, the deepening of the open pit mining up to 950...1000 m).

The industrial operation was started from June 21, 2011, during the period of which as of 01.01.2013 there were shipped 16.4 million tons of rocky mountain mass, the reliability of taken and realized solutions was convincingly confirmed. When transporting the mixed rocky mountain mass (overburden and ore) the distance of transportation with road motor transport was shortened by 3.6 km, the number of kilometers travelled was decreased by 4.6 km, and operational costs for year 2012 were reduced by 2.87 milliard  sum of Republic of Uzbekistan  (≈12.2 million UAH or 1.53 million USD).

The listed achievements have “know how”, were reflected in publications (17, whereof 16 are foreign ones), theses for obtaining of the title of doctor of technical sciences (2), patents (8), websites (6), approved at international conferences (4) and presentations (13, whereof 10 are international ones), raise an increased interest of the world's mining community (8 requests for familiarization directly in the quarry "Muruntau", whereof 2 are of Ukrainian Mining-and-Concentrating Industrial Complexes).