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Development and introduction of the system of extraction technologies and processing of iron-ore raw material with providing of rational subsoil use.



GritsinaA. J., КolesnikovD.V., КоrolenkoM.К.,  Levitskiy А.P., PeregudovV.V., ProtasovV.P., Romanenko О. V., Stupnik М.I., UdodJ.G., Fedin К.А.

            Presented by State Enterprise «State institute on designing enterprises of mining industry  «Krivbassproect».

Scientific bases of progressive technologies of development of iron-ore deposits in the difficult mining and geological conditions on no-bottoms and further processing of difficult enriching magnetite quartzites are worked out, that allowed due to achievement of synergetic effect to promote the competitiveness of iron-ore raw material at the foreign market, to provide diminishing of charges on extraction and processing of iron-ores, rational use of subsoil of the earth and decline of negative influence on an environment.

Worked out and introduced technology of float enrichment  of concentrates, which are produced from difficult enriching magnetite quartzites with the receipt of high-quality concentrates; technologies of the repeated enriching of wastes; technologies of dry magnetic separation, which provides the increase of industrial supplies of ore due to the diminishing  of side iron maintenance.

Scientific bases of determination and ground of basic directions  of increase of source of raw materials of mining enterprises and rational use of supplies of iron-ores are developed due to plugging in the extraction of aquifer supplies of quarries and mines, and also magnetite quartzites, bedding in the fields of operating mines on small depths and worked by additionally underground mountain works.


Economic expedient areas of application and perspective development of cyclic-flow technology, railway, motor transport and their combination in general transport charts of deep pits are justified. Classification is worked out and regularities of forming of dumps are determined in mine-out space of deep pits.


Introduction of the offered technologies provided the increase of production of commodity iron-ore goods on the mining enterprises of Кrivbass from 51,5 million t in 2003 to 63,6 million т in 2012 y. Volume of production of high-quality concentrates with iron content over 67 % increased from 0,36 million t in 2003 y.  to 13,0 million t in 2012 y., that allowed to promote rating of iron-ore products of Кrivbass mining enterprises to the level of leading world producers, to increase the volume of export from 11,3 million t to  23,3 million t and to decrease import from 7,6 million t to 2,7 million t.

A general annual economic effect from introduction on the base mining enterprises of Кrivorozhskiy iron-ore basin of results of scientific researches and worked out on their basis complex technical decisions was over 1,2 milliards UAH.

Number of publications: 180, including 10 monographs, 170 article. Novelty and competitiveness of technical decisions was protected by 20 copyright certificates and patents on inventions. Three doctoral dissertations were defended on this subject.