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Development of the national economy on the basis of European course of "green" growth’s ideology (theory, institutional basis, tools)

Work number - P 28 FILED


GalushkinaT.P., KhumarovaN.I., KupinetsL.Ye., MantsurovI.G., MusinaL.A., NovikovaO.F., ReutovV.E., ZhaliloYa.A.

Presentedby the Institute of Market Problems and Economic and Ecological Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Series of scientific works consists of 10 books published in five years.

The aim of work is the theoretical grounding of the mechanisms, organizational and economic tools for development of the national economy on the basis of the ideology of "green" growth and transformation processes trajectory definition according to global challenges.

Scientific novelty consist of the development of "green" economy” theory as a set of doctrinal positions, key postulates, strategic guidelines and scenario models of innovative transformations in Ukraine.

The basis is created – for the theory of the development of the national economy on the basis of the ideology of "green" growth.

The fundamental results are achieved: the trajectory is defined, mechanisms and tools of "green" economy development in Ukraine.

Series of scientific papers include priority results - study of modern strategic vectors of economic policy and the concept of "green" economy at the national and regional levels.

New approaches are proposed – it’s defined the holistic vision and nature of innovative paradigm of transformational processes with help of developing of  doctrinal platform of economic development according to the "green" growth ideology.

Authors set new non-traditional tasks - implementation of the ideology of all-European course of "green" growth in the current paradigm of economic development.

The results of the cycle of works make sense for the definition of the strategy and priorities for reforming of public policy in order to develop the national economy according to modern global challenges.

The research results are described in 92 publications, including 22 monographs, 70 articles in refereed journals. On the subject 10 doctoral and 19 PhD's theses are defended.