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Energy and resourse saving mineral binders and composite building materials based on them


Authors:Pushkarova K.K, Dvorkin L.I., Gradoboyev O.V., Zaychenko M.M., Kaganovsky O.S., Plugin A.A., Timoshenko S.A., Shabanova G.M.

The study deals with developing the theoretical, experimental and methodological fundamentals of energy and resource-saving mineral binders and competitive composite building materials based thereon. The authors have developed the physico-chemical and thermodynamic basics forsynthesis of minerals and their hydration to obtain artificial stone with prescribed properties. The authors have also developed the concepts of colloid chemistry and physico-chemical mechanics of mineral binders and composite materials. This served as a basis for developing the methods of intensifying the setting of mineral binders and composite materials based thereon, the methodology of multiparameter design of construction depots for building composite materialswith prescribed properties, the technological aspects of using disperse substances, including those of technogenic origin (fly ash, slag, etc.), when producing building composite materials with enhanced performance characteristics. Advanced competitive composite materials have been developed. They are based on the following modified mineral binders: special cements and concretes, including heat and corrosion-resistant, radiation-resistant; and dry building mixes with a wide application range. The new materials also include an extended range of roofing products with different sections; concretes and grouting compounds with improved service properties, including enhanced waterproofing, crack resistance, electric resistance and electric corrosion resistance. The energy and resource-saving composite materials developed have been introduced into productionand for building and servicing facilities, including special-purpose ones. The economic effect gained by introducing the research results has exceeded 166 mln. UAH.

The total number of publicationson the research subject: monographs − 27; papers and printed reports in science journals, collections of research papers, and conference proceedings − over 2200, of which 55 have been published in international journals included in thescientometrical SCOPUS database. Also, over 45 textbooks and tutorial aids were published. The novelty and competitiveness of technical solutions have been protected by over 140 Inventor’s Certificates and invention patents. Research results have been defended by four Doctoral and thirty-twoCandidate of Science theses.