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Energy-efficient technologies for accelerated erection of industrial and civil construction

Work number - P 38 AWARDED


FialkoN.M., Prokopov V.G., Farenyuk G.G., Malik M.M., Melnik V.K., Chernyh L.F., Savenko V.I.,  Sukhorosov I.M., Klyus L.G.

Presentedby the State Enterprise "State Research Institute of Building Structures"


The scientificand technical basis and the complex of energy-efficient technologiesforindustrial and civilconstruction accelerated erection likewise the advanced buildings heatingtechnology are developed and appropriate construction standards are evolved.

The scientific grounding of a range of newand improved technologies for accelerated industrial erection: high quality coating, seamless flooring and construction sites, soil strengthening by using fermentpreparations, includingderived fromnanotechnology ones etc., are completed.A new highly effective composite material based on abasalt fiberof new generationis created.The energy efficient technology essential principles of heat accumulation for under floor electric heating are developed.

For the acceleratedpanel housing the scientific basis for the creation of energy efficient enclosureconstructions are developed. The approaches to find out complex solutions of building thermal physics based on the localization theory are created. The methodology forthe structure of the nationalregulatory framework for energy efficiency in buildings is elaborated.

The developmentsare widely implemented into building habits: the industrial engineeringtechnology were used in the construction of more than 100 objects, with application of new types of enclosureconstructions were built 137 housesof thearea over​​2.9 millionm2, which is approximately 3 times exceed the annualapartments construction volumein Kiev, etc.

Number of the publications- 292 articles, 8 monographs. The novelty and competitiveness of the technical solutions are protected by15 author's certificate and patents. On this subject matter 5 doctoral theses are defended.