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Environmentally sustainable formation of the agricultural landscapes as the basis for food security in Ukraine

Work number - P 29 FILED


Researchpapers series «Environmentallysustainableformationof the agricultural landscapes as the basis forfood security in Ukraine»


Furdychko O., LavrovV., PluhatarY., Solodkyi V,. Stadnyk A.

Presented bythe Institute of Agroecology and Environmental Management of NAAS


This paperinvestigates the problem for achieving sustainable use of natural resources of Ukraine landscape sphereconsidering the regional characteristics of anthropogenic transformation and a program of action for sustainable development of the agricultural sector on the landscape-ecological principles of optimization the structural and functional organization of agricultural landscapes is developed.

The obtained resultsresolve the problem of the sustainable agricultural landscapes formation for food security in Ukraine bymeans oflandscape-ecological optimization of the systems of forest protective plantations, harmonization the interests of nature users and nature conservationists about the watersheds and the transition of agriculture on the principles of sustainable development as a mechanism for systematic implementation of these standards in practice and collaboration on these issues.