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Fibrous materials and products of light industry with forecasted barrier medical and biological properties

Work number - P 38 AWARDED


Avramenko A.A., Bereznenko S.N., Vlasenko V.I., Ignatieva I.A., Kolosnichenko M.V., Kostritsky V.V., Popov V.P., Prokopova E.A., Slizkov A.M., Suprun N.P.


Accomplished by Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design (KNUTD)


The current study combines the results of the longstanding research conducted by the group of scholars and aimed at the development of the theoretical foundations of creation and production of functional fibrous materials with predictable barrier medical and biological properties intended for recreational and medical products of protective and industrial purposes. The development of domestic types of special protective clothing for firefighters, for nuclear power plants workers, for miners has a significant social and economic value (the clothing production has been  arranged by the Concern "Ukrpozhservis"; the manufactured clothing has been used at the "Shelter" object of Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station).

The production of fibrous knitted materials of medical purposes with predictable barrier medical and biological properties of sanitary and hygienic and surgical purpose (sutures, implants); cardiac surgery purpose; fixing and prosthetic rehab purpose has been arranged on an industrial scale.

The technological clothing for enterprises of high technologies, especially clean technologies (chemical-pharmaceutical, precision mechanics, securities and documents with special means of protection, the production of electronic equipment, etc.) have been developed for the first time in Ukraine.

Particular attention should be given to development and manufacturing of clothing and accessories for students and children with disabilities.

The total production volume of textile materials by the developed innovative technologies for the period from 1994 to 2013 years amounts to 2.41 billion of running meters to the sum of 1.95 billion UAH., with a total economic effect of 124 million. UAH.

Number of publications: 547 scientific papers, including 17 monographs and 5 textbooks, 25 manuals, 1 Encyclopedia of Clothing, 1 Glossary of Materials Science and textile industries; the novelty and competitiveness of technical solutions are protected by 108 copyright certificates and patents, 35 patents have been introduced into industrial production, H-index is 18;. 11 doctoral and PhD theses have been defended.