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Formation of well-balanced agro-ecosystems for the production of domestic winter wheat seeds

Work number - P 19 AWARDED

AuthorsGavrilyukM., GrynykI., FurdychkoO., ZaryshniakF., LihochvorV., RibalkaO., KindrukM., KorniichukO., StadnykA., KalenichP.

Presented bythe Instituteof Agroecologyand Environmental Management of NAAS

This paperinvestigates the problem of well-balanced agroecosystems formation for production of the domestic winter wheatseed. Obtained results solve nation-wide problem of domestic seed production of the main food crop of winter wheat through the well-balanced agroecosystemsformation.

The scientificand theoretical foundations and strategy of agroforestal activities in agricultural landscapes of Ukraineare developed.Ecologically balanced agro-ecosystems of high quality winter wheat seed production are formed, which cover a requirement by 85-90% of this culture of the domestic selection.

A new trend inplant ecology and seeding study –seedecology is designed, which studies the influence of abiotic, biotic and anthropogenic factors on it. The ecological forecasting model of yielding propertiesof winter wheat seed is worked out depending on agroecological conditions of cultivation. Molecular and genetic methods of qualitative indicators control of seeds are developed and introduced into production