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Highly complex surface engineering technologies to improve resource heavily loaded parts of mining and metallurgical equipment

Work number - P 34 AWARDED


Коржик В.М., Рябцев І.О., Жудра О.П., Добрушин Л.Д., Лихошва В.П., Дідик Р.П., Ткаченко Е.А., Завалій О.Б., Савін В.В., Вахрушева В.С.



The work is directed to increase of resource of mining and metallurgical industry equipment  on the basis of innovative mikrometallurgical technologies of engineering surfaces. As a result of its implementation scientific and technological bases of high-efficiency arc, plasma, laser, shock-wave and other processes of causing of wearproof and anticorrosive multi-layered coats with an amorphous, nanocrystalline and gradient structure are developed; principles of creation and application of nanomaterials are developed on basis of natural geo modifiers, which reduce work of friction and possess property of renewal of threadbare surfaces of friction, are developed; nanostructural composite materials for overcoating and modification of surfaces of friction are created; developed and taken to practical application equipment, materials and innovative technological processes, which provide to increase of reliability, longevity, productivity and level of technical descriptions of mining and metallurgical industry equipment.

Work is a complex decision of problem of increase of resource of equipment not only to one of major industries of industry of Ukraine – mining and metallurgical industry, but also for the row of contiguous industries, including, in mechanical engineering, chemical industry, railway transport et cetera.

About the world level of developments testifies to their realization in the developed countries: China, USA, Russia, France and other countries. An economic effect from realization of developments now made 56,7 mln.grn. in a year. On results work 20monographs, 385 articles are published. A novelty and competition capability of technical decisions on the presented work is protected 107 copyright certificate on an invention and 70 patents. On a subject works are protected 8 doctor's and 25 candidate's dissertations.