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Innovation techniques in diagnostics and treatment of otorhinolaryngological diseases

Work number - P 4 AWARDED

Bereznyuk V. V., Bozhko N. V., Shkoba Ya. V., Marynskyi G. S., Tkachenko         V. A., Semenov R. G.

Presented by Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.

The paper presents theoretical summarizing and implementation of the scientific direction which deals with the actual scientific problems, such as the improvement of treating patients with otorhinolaryngological diseases, including congenital and inflammatory pathological processes, cancer, also the restoration of hearing in deaf children on the basis of experimental studies and application of the devices and tools developed by the authors. A number of fundamental results on the effect of high-frequency current and laser radiation on the human body has been received. There was experimentally grounded and clinically proved the efficiency of electric thermo-adhesion of connection and disconnection of biological tissues.

During the treatment of patients with laryngeal cancer of the III-IV stage the developed techniques allow us not only significantly reduce the amount of intraoperative bleeding, halve the operation and reduce anesthetic agents, but also to minimize the risk of severe postoperative complications, such as neck perforating defects (pharyngoesophagostoma). In patients with laryngeal cancer of the I-II stage the use of electric welding technology during cordectomy makes it possible to form a new vocal fold followed by the restoration of voice and speech.

The developed devices, which are the source of high-frequency current and bipolar electric instruments for otorhinolaryngological operations helped to create a national high-frequency bipolar electrocoagulator, to start its serial production and introduce electric welding technologies for the treatment of otorhinolaryngological diseases; it also helped to significantly improve the quality of surgery and to start the serial production of a number of disposable devices for otorhinolaryngological operations. It was experimentally proved, developed and implemented otorhinolaryngological operations with the determination of optimal parameters of laser irradiation during the surgery on the skin, soft tissues, cartilage, mucosa and the appropriate devices for their performance.

     There was experimentally grounded and implemented hearing restoration operations after otogenic intracranial complications. For the first time in the world there was made ​tympanoplasty with the use of electric welding technology, that made possible to provide secure fixation of the neotympanalnoho fascial flap. There was implemented early diagnosis and surgical rehabilitation of hearing in deaf children.

The economic and social impact of the introduction is the avoidance or reduction by 3-5 times the blood loss during the surgery, shortening the duration of the operation, saving bandages and medications, restoration of hearing and social rehabilitation of children in Ukraine.

The research results were the basis for more than 300 publications, including 4 monographs, 1 atlas, 2 textbooks and 25 papers abroad. Total number of referenced publications in international journals contained in the database SCOPUS is 22. The novelty and competitive power of technical solutions were protected by 13 copyright certificates of the USSR, 1 patent on invention of the USSR and 76patents of Ukraine (including 10patents on invention). There were defended 3 doctoral and 7 candidate’s theses on the issue.