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Manufacturing high-precision equipment and large-dimension details and installations

Work number - P 16 AWARDED

Authors: Kovalev V.D., Efimov M.V., Rozghyvin M.A., Palashek O.G., Voloshyn A.I., Kovalev A.G., Vladimirov A.Y., Volkogon V.M., Antonyk V.S., Melnyychyk Y.A.

The work is put forward by Donbass State Engineering Academy by the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine

The work embraces creation of scientific base for development of high-precise equipment, their manufacturing techniques, production of large-dimension details and installations, and is based on constructional and technological research on mechanics, hydraulics, hydrodynamics, mechatronics, physical and mechanical processes of precise detail form-building.

Industrial application of the results presented in the work allowed to manufacture heavy metal-working equipment that meets the highest international standards and successfully competes with machines manufactured by the leading companies in the world. Their efficiency is confirmed by 30% increase in productivity of working processes.

Creating high-precision heavy equipment implies manufacturing large and major details for superpower turbines and generators,  rolling mills, energy installations for vessels and other machines and mechanisms.

High-precision, efficient, reliable, and durable equipment is a milestone in the development of heavy, transport and energy engineering, metallurgy, and other industries; it stimulates expansion of heavy equipment and heavy engineering products exports; encourages development of alternativepower industry sources by manufacturing wind electric sets at the PAO "Kramatorsk Heavy Machine Tool Building Works" and PAO "Energomashspetsstal" with the annual output of 100 units.

Development of wind energetics encourages creation of new jobs. The new equipment used at PAO "Kramatorsk Heavy Machine Tool Building Works" allows to increase production output at metallurgical works in Ukraine (including OAO "NKMZ", OAO "Energomashspetsstal"), as well as for exports to Russia, Italy, the USA, Japan, China, Great Britain, etc.

An annual economic effect from introducing new designs amounted to 429.3 mln. hryvnias.

The number of publications:408, including 11 monographs, 19 publications in foreign journals listed in SCOPUS database.

Novelty and competitiveness of technical solutions is protected with 5 USSR author certificates and 48 Ukraine patents.

3 doctoral theses and 12 Ph.D. theses have been defended on this subject.