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“Mechanics of Composites” (The monograph in 12 volumes, Kyiv: “Naukova dumka” and “A.S.K.”, 1993-2003 years)




AkbarovS.D., GrigorenkoO.Ya., KosmodamianskijO.S, KokhanenkoYu.V., KushchV.I., PelekhB.L., RushchitskyJ.J., TomasheskiiV.T.

         Nominatedat the State Аward of Ukraine in Science and Technology area for 2013.

A fundamental research has been conducted on a wide range of scientific and engineering problems related to the composite materials.

A number of fundamental results have been obtained on the problems of the mechanics of composite materials and mechanics of structural elements made of composite materials, possessing no analogues in the world literature.

The monograph contains the priority results in the scientific rationale and principles of composite design as well as their applications in a wide range of contemporaryscientific and technical challenges.

 New approaches have been suggested based on numerical methods for solving linear as well as geometrically and physically nonlinear problems of composite mechanics.

The authors have staged the new, non-traditional problems of fracture mechanics of composite materials.

The results are important for applied research on composite materials and structural elements related tothe development of theoretical and experimental base of measurement, design of test equipment and conducting the tests.

The authors' works have been cited in more than 490 scientific journals, the general citation index of publications is 809 (according to Scopus database), h-index = 50. Seven doctoral and fifteen candidate (PhD) theses have been defended on thissubject.