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New catalysts and heterogeneous catalytic processes: development of scientific basis and applications in chemistry, petrochemistry and energetics

Work number - P 21 AWARDED


StrizhakP.E., PyatnitskyYu.I., DolgykhL.Yu., TripolskyiA.I., GrynG.I., LoboikoA.Ya., ZazhigalovV.A., PatrylakK.I., SuvorinA.V., KoshovetsN.V.

Presented by L.V.Pisarzhevsky Institute of physical chemistry, National academy of sciences of Ukraine

The important for industry of Ukraine problems are solved by development and improvement of energy and raw materials saving heterogeneously-catalytic processes as well as technologies of the catalysts production. Scientific bases for development of new catalysts and various heterogeneously-catalytic processes, used in industry or being basis of industry of the future, are elaborated.

New processes, technologies and catalysts, are developed: for chemical industry - ammonia oxidation, CO conversion, nitrogen oxides oxidation; for organic syntheses - partial oxidation of С15 paraffins producing oxygenates (formaldehyde, maleinic anhydride and other) and olefins (ethylene, propylene); catalytic syntheses on the basis of methanol; dehydrogenation of cyclohexanole to cyclohexanone; hydrogenation of organic nitro-compounds to valuable nitriles and amines, for the oil refinery – alkylation, isomerization, cracking, and aromatization of petroleum fractions, fuel and energy industry - hydrogen production from a bioethanol, hydrocarbons or alcohols production by carbon oxides hydrogenation; synthesis of ethyl-tert-butyl ether.

The results are used in industry: "Severodonetskoje objedinenije Azot”, ALVIGO-KC (Severodonetsk city), "Koncern Styrol" (Gorlovka city), "Аzot" (Cherkassu city), Ore mining and processing factory (г. Шевченко, Казахстан), "Navoiazot" (Navoi city, Uzbekistan) and others. An average annual economic effect is above 12 million hrn.

Scientific results are published in 11 monographs and textbooks, 489 articles. A novelty and competitiveness of technical decisions are protected by 17 copyright certificates, 54 domestic and 10 foreign patents. The general index of quoting of publications exceeds 1000 (according to the Scopus database), h-index = 15. By materials of research 9 doctoral and 38 candidate's dissertations are defended.