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New generation radioelectronic systems for maritime border comtrol and navigation

Work number - P 50 FILED



V.P. Dzyuba, A.D. Dorichenko, V.D. Yeryomka, A.F. Zykov, O.Ye. Malyo-vanyi, I.M. Mytsenko, L.P. Milinevskiy, A.M. Piven’, O.I. Prokopenko, D.V. Roskoshniy.


The present work is submitted by the O.Ya. Usikov Institute for Radiophysics and Electronics of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Kharkiv).

A topical science and engineering-related issue of prime concern has been dealt with for the state of Ukraine. Based upon the results of scientific investigations a specific technique for developing and introducing home-produced components, assemblies and radioelectronic devices has been elaborated. The principles of building a new generation of home-produced marine pulse radars “Burevisnyk-1”, “Burevisnyk-2”, “Burevisnyk-3”, “Burevisnyk-4”, over-the-horizon radar “Burevisnyk- OH”, a buoy-based biostatic radar “Burevisnyk-BR” for marine border control and navigation have been worked out.

It is exactly a pioneering effort that was originaly made in the state of Ukraine to provide the following developments:

a) a pulse magnetron “Buton” with cold (heating-free) cathode (protected by the patent of Ukraine No83354) - an X-band electromagnetic radiation oscillator; b) a radar transmitter built around the afore-mentioned magnetron; c) a ingenious highly sensitive receiver “Okean” made as a module-integral arrangement; d) a ingenious integrated ac converter-fed motor for radar antennas, e) a digital systems of automatically controlled radar operational processes; f) a digital systems of radar radio signal primary and secondary processing. A new generation of home-produced marine pulse radars “Burevisnyk-1” and “Burevisnyk-4” to ensure the control of marine borders and navigation has been engineered, put into practice and utilized for military purposes.

The presented developments are at the cutting-edge of the world radar technology. They are based uponof the results from comparing 30 highly essential parameters of the already developed radars with the parameters similar to those in foreign radars like “ATLASRadar9600ТМ” (Germany), «Nayada-25М1» (Russia), FurunoFAR-2817 (Japan)of the same category. In terms of 16 parameters the home-produced radars “Burevisnyk” offer a certain advantage; as far as the power consumption costs are concerned, the above radar facilities are really beneficial. In terms of 10 parameters they are virtually identical to foreign radars.

The economic adoption effect is as follows:

1)     Ukraine is import – independent;

2)     new extra jobs for home-produced manufacturers.

The scientific results of the workare given in 3 monographs and in more than 20 papers. Novelty and competitiveness of technical approaches are protected by 3 author’s certificates and 4 patents of Ukraine. The present work associated with the above subject-matter is submitted for the doctor of science degree (I.M. Mytsenko)