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Novel technologies of synthesis of nanosized powders for materials and goods of constructional, functional and biomedical application


Autors: A. Ragulya, I.V. Uvarova, L.M. Kulikov, O.A. Ivashchenko, I.M. Pritula, R.P. Yavetsky, Y.V. Malyukin, A.O. Masalov, T.E. Konstantinova, I.A. Danilenko

Present research and development is aimed at initiating nanoindustry in Ukraine by development and commercialization of the pilot and laboratory scale production technologies for nanodispersed powders of various compounds, as well as production technologies applying these powders in passive electronic components, structural ceramic parts, coatings, laser ceramic matrices, implants, and biomedical drag delivery carriers and biomarkers.

Thenovelty concerns the development of scientific fundamentals of so-called reaction rate-controlled synthesis for various reactions; formation of oxide material nanoparticles during co-precipitation from solutions treated with ultrasound and pulsed magnetic field to solvede-agglomeration problem; synthesis of sphericals haped nanopowders of yttria-alumina garnet doped withrare-oxide elements for laser ceramics; mechanochemical synthesis or mechano-activation followed bylow-temperature synthesis of high melting compounds; low-temperature chemical vapor condensation(CVD) and activated intercalation of graphene-like dihalcogenides; synthesis of drug delivery systems, luminescent markers for biology and medicine. First lythere have been developed a series of advanced pilot technologies for nanoparticle synthesis and two pilot shops were founded to start large scale production of nanopowders in Ukraine.

The group of 10 pretend ershas published 17 books, 428 papers with total citation index of 2753 in the SCOPUS. The united Hirsh ish = 23. Total number of patents is 16. Defended 22 PhD thesis and 4 DSc thesis.