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Polyfunctional leather and fur materials

Work number - P 6 AWARDED


GarkavenkoS. S., Grischenko  I. M., SkibaN. E., DanilkovichA. G., KasyanE. E., KonowalV. P., PlavanV. P., Zhygotsky A. G., Lischuk V. I.

Presented by Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design

The authors of the work have developed physical- chemical fundamentals, eco-friendly and resource-saving technologies of polyfunctional leather and fur materials manufacturing  and products made there from, as well as recoverable resources recycling of these product. Besides, this research offers another approach into the meaning of scientific principles for marketing and commercial mediation in domestic and foreign markets of raw hides, materials and products.

The developed technologies are used for producing the polyfunctional natural materials for mass consumer goods and special purposes. These materials are suitable for operation in the high humidity condition, extreme high or low temperature, radiation exposure, prevention and treatmentof joint diseases, for prevention andelimination ofemergency situations, for decoration, leather accessoriesand more.

Novel approaches have proposed to developing innovative technologies based on the quantum-chemical research of interaction the chemical reagents with collagen and keratin of leather and fur materials, multicriterion optimization of physical- chemical processes in the fur and leather manufacture, as well as automated engineering design and manufacturing the new fur and leather products.

         Theecologicallevel of innovative technologies for dehairing-liming, tanning, filling-dyeing-fatliquoring, finishing in the leather and fur manufacturing provides by decreasing the contents of ecologically harmful materials in spent solutions by 5.0-5.3 times, including products of keratin destruction till 38 times.

The technical level ofdeveloped technologies complies with international standards ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO 14001:2006, which made it possible to keep of theUkraine leather industry in the export-oriented state during the global economic crisis. Competitiveness leather materials provided by their high quality and lower price by 30% compared to similar products. Volume of exports to Russia and other European countries only for the period 2011-2012 years is 29.6 million square decimeters to the amount of $ 28 million 283 thousand UAH, corresponding to 47 % of production.

General economic andenvironmental efficiency of the developed technology is 3.24 billion UAH, Including 175 million UAH for environmental damage prevented.

The results of research are published in 727 publications, including 17 monographs, 535 articles, 26 of them are published in SCOPUS data base, 5 textbooks, 22 manuals, h-index is 7. Noveltyand competitive technical solutions protected by 108 certificates of authorshipand patents. 9 doctoral and 34 Ph.D. theses were defended on the subject of the work.