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А series of the work "Scientific principles of creating new substances and materials based on elementoorganic compounds"

Work number - P 26 AWARDED


Кalchenko V.I., Kolodiazhnyi O.I., Marchenko A.P., Onysko P.P., Pashinnik V.E., Pinchuk A.M., Povolotskii M.I., Sinitsa A.D., Тоlmachev A.A., Shermolovich Yu.G.


Submitted by the Institute of Organic Chemistry, NAS of Ukraine


      A series of research papers devoted to the development of contemporary fundamental knowledge on synthesis, electronic and spatial structure, reactivity of novel types of elementoorganic compounds in order to create a new basis for development of compounds and materials having a complex of predetermined useful properties.

    The authors initiated new areas of researches: nucleophilic phosphorylation of electron-deficient systems having azaallylhalide moieties; fundamentally new approaches to phosphorus-containing heterocycles were developed;new approaches to chiral organophosphorus compounds were developed; novel methods for total, regioselective and stereoselective phosphorylation of (thio)calixarenes were elaborated.

      A general method for the preparation of various organylsulfur trifluorides was developed which allowed us to elaborate methods of fluorination of biologically important natural compounds.  New areas in the chemistry of fluorinated derivatives of low-coordinated sulfur having sulfur - carbon and sulfur - nitrogen double bond were originated.

    The obtained fundamental research results laid the foundation for the development of new functional materials having practically useful properties:biologically active compounds;highly selective complexing agents and extragents of toxic radionuclides, transitional metals and metals of platinum group;sensitive elements of chemosensors;metal-complex catalysts for chemical reactions;reagents for fluorination of biologically active organic compounds; flotation and flocculation agents for flotation of ferrous metal ores and waste water purification; chemical modifiers of polymer structural materials for space-rocket machinery.   

Number of publications: 813including10 monographs, 803 articles(including717 inforeing editions). Total number of references on the authors’ publications amounts to4816 (according to Scopusdatabase). MaximumHirsch index among the authors is 22.Novelty and competitive ability of technical designs are protected by 37 copyright certificatesandpatents.On this subject 10 doctoral and 48 master's theses are maintained.