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Set of books (well drilling in 5 books)


 Dudlia Mukola

Textbooks play the important role while training specialists with higher education of the specialism area «Mining». They are easy to use. To understand better Ukrainian terminology it is very useful to have textbooks published in Russian language. The structure, rubrication, terminology, concepts and methodological support are directed to the students’ individual work.

Each book shows technological process which takes place while well drilling: peculiarities of the technological modes of the rocks drilling, drilling problems and accident risk, technological conditions of the drilling equipment maintenance, calculation of the individual units of the drilling equipment (steel wire ropes, casing blocks and crown blocks, load on the drilling rig), etc.

The first three textbooks were published in Ukrainian, Russian, Slovak and Polish languages. They are used to train specialists in these countries. The textbook «Drilling fluids» is the result of international university cooperation and fruitful collaboration of the teaching staff from Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and Slovakia.


Textbooks are written competently. They are well picturized and have additions of the information content. They meet the requirements of the higher school and scientific achievements in the field of the geological survey.