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Intensification of technological processes of complex wastewater treatment of the industrial and urban centers


Authors:Epoyan S.M., Gomelya M.D., Nezdoyminov V.I., Chernyshev V.N., Kashkovskij V.I., Evdokimenko V.O., Karagiaur A.S.

Presented by Kharkiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture.

In this paper,the actual scientific and technical problem of creation and implementation of complex wastewater treatment technologies of the industrial and urban centers to reduce the load on the environment, substantial reduction of fresh water intake and promoting sustainable development of aquatic ecosystems was solved.

Scientific bases of closed water systems creation, which are based on the idea of ​​rational use of natural biological potential of aquatic systems, the reduce the amount of chemical reagents in treatment processes, air conditioning and utilization of waste products of water treatment were developed.The methodology of mathematical modeling for the optimization of biological wastewater treatment was suggested.Theoretically new methods of membrane filtration, adsorption and dehydration of precipitation with high moisture capacity were developed.

New wastewater treatment technologies from oil products, heavy ions and non-ferrous metals, sludge dehydration were developed and implemented, new constructions of treatment plant were created.Technologies were introduced at wastewater treatment plants of Kyiv, Kharkov, Donetsk, Alchevsk, Artemovsk, Makeyevka, Kanev and urban village New World, Holma, Avdotino, Novomihaylovka.

The difference of developed technologies from similar samples near and far abroad consists in rational combination of biological processes with different requirements to the conditions of their occurrence in one construction; combination of physic-chemical and biological processes, utilization of waste products of water treatment.Thus, sludge treatment technology allows to eliminate organic part of of sludge by 95%, while on technology of company Degremon (France), this index does not exceed 65%. Economic benefit of introduction of the developed technologies is 5 million 716 thousand UAH. / year.

Research results are reflected in 10 monographs, more than 335 articles. The overall index of citing publications is 15 (according to the database SCOPUS), h-index = 2.Innovative aspect and competitiveness of technical decisions are protected by 62 patents. Five doctoral and 27 master's theses are protected on this subject.