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President's Award

Number Title of work Presentation
M62 Дослідження нанорозмірних матеріалів для пристроїв накопичення, збереження та перетворення енергії: теорія та експеримент (Number of comments: 1)
Number Title of work Presentation
M Stochastic processes with regeneration (Number of comments: 0)
M Resource-saving constructions of buildings and structures (Number of comments: 0)
M1 Unique properties of nanostructure materials for low-temperature thermophotoemission converters of energy (Number of comments: 7)
M1 Mathematical and experimental methods for determination and optimization the characteristics of passive mine protection of armored combat vehicles (Number of comments: 17)
M1 Mathematical Methods and Computer Simulation of the Markov Systems and Their Application (Number of comments: 11)
M2 А series of the work "Theory and methods of solving of combinatorial optimization problems" (Number of comments: 0)
M2 Network resources optimal allocation models and methods in wireless telecommunication systems (Number of comments: 13)
M2 Mobile tourist information technologies with safety recommender component (Number of comments: 47)
M2 Leading-edge technologies of fuel preparation (Number of comments: 16)
M3 Increase of functional efficiency of composite products of aerospace equipment (Number of comments: 11)
M3 Information-measuring provision and hardware-software means for developing computerized systems of greenhouse microclimate monitoring (Number of comments: 15)
M3 Development of working blades and diaphragms of the last stages of steam turbines (Number of comments: 18)
M3 А series of the work «Investigation of modern problems in geometric functions theory functions and approximation theory" (Number of comments: 11)
M3 Optimization of freight wagons designs (Number of comments: 50)
M4 Methods, models and components of smart systems (Number of comments: 34)
M4 А series of the work «Nanopowder materials and structures on their basis for development of new generation gas-sensor systems» (Number of comments: 5)
M4 Компьютерные технологии планирования хирургических вмешательств (Number of comments: 2)
M5 А series of research papers "Analytic and algebraic methods in spectral problems" (Number of comments: 6)
M5 Nanoscale film stacks with magnetic and nonmagnetic layers for modern spintronics and nanoelectronics applications (Number of comments: 15)
M5 А series of the work «Complex Markovian Models and Their Statistical Applications» (Number of comments: 7)
M5 The natural technogenic massif stability at iron ore deposits production (Number of comments: 39)
M5 Automation of control processes of resource-intensive production (Number of comments: 14)
M6 Hybrid neuro-fuzzy systems for medical data stream mining tasks (Number of comments: 21)
M6 А series of the work "Mathematical modeling and simulation of heat and mass transfer processes in randomly nonhomogeneous and stratified bodies" (Number of comments: 4)
M6 Prognosis anthropogenic gas deposits and development of methods for estimating densities of accumulated resources methane on coal mines in Ukraine (Number of comments: 5)
M7 New methods of analysis of boundary-value problems in function spaces (Number of comments: 8)
M7 A series of the work "The development of domain decomposition methods for solution of variational inequalities that model the contact between several elastic bodies" (Number of comments: 7)
M7 Direct method of impulsive systems after Liapunov and its application within the research of critical state of equilibrium (Number of comments: 2)
M7 Analytic and algebraic methods in spectral problems (Number of comments: 0)
M7 А series of works «Neutron diagnostic of functional liquid nanosystems» (Number of comments: 16)
M7 Complex geomonitoringsystem for industrial and mining territories (Number of comments: 20)
M7 Structural and optical properties of single crystals and thin films of metal halogenide and chalcogenide (Number of comments: 22)
M8 А series of scientific work "development of nondestructive methods and equipment to control the current state of structural materials of engineering product based on indentation and hardness measurements" (Number of comments: 8)
M8 А series of works “Development of a parallel information technology for solving multicriteria stochastic optimization problems and risks assesment in insurance” (Number of comments: 8)
M8 Theoretical principles of forecasting and prevention of unauthorized access in special information networks (Number of comments: 22)
M8 Investigation of boundary behavior of mappings with finite distortion by the method of mapping theory (Number of comments: 4)
M8 Resource-saving constructions of buildings and structures (Number of comments: 14)
M8 Noncontact three dimensional nanoprofilometer (Number of comments: 1)
M8 Latest technologies of creation functional sprayed coatings, materials and methods of their connection in shipbuilding (Number of comments: 24)
M9 "Electron excitation of the np6 subvalence shell in rubidium (n = 4) and barium (n = 5) atoms" (Number of comments: 17)
M9 Energy-efficient way of obtaining high-quality low-carbon steel wire with the use of severe plastic deformation (Number of comments: 4)
M9 The protection and destruction prevention system for the tanks in critical operating conditions (Number of comments: 7)
M9 Mathematical methods and applied information technologies of modeling, translation and training for the Ukrainian sign language (Number of comments: 18)
M10 А series of the work "Effective polimer-nanoparticles nanocomposites for the design of new photonics devices: holographic optical elements, miniaturized lasers and sensors» (Number of comments: 21)
M10 Magnon-magnon and magnon-phonon processes in magnetoelectronic and magnetocaloric element (Number of comments: 8)
M10 Managing the dynamics of electromagnetic excitations in superconducting and magnetic nanostructures with complex geometry (Number of comments: 3)
M10 А series of works «Wavefront sensors with high resolution for investigation of optically inhomogeneous objects» (Number of comments: 14)
M10 Materials with colossal magnetoresistance: magnetic state transformation inducted by chemical substitutions and size factors (Number of comments: 4)
M10 Models and methods of structural and functional self-organization of wireless information and communication networks (Number of comments: 21)
M11 Physical properties of 3d-ions in complexes with a different symmetry: an effective nuclear charge approximation (Number of comments: 0)
M11 Percolation phenomena in polymer nanocomposites containing carbon nanotubes (Number of comments: 18)
M11 А series of the works "Classification of measures on Cantor spaces and characterization problems on abelian groups" (Number of comments: 6)
M11 New simulation methods and technologies of design of multiparametric processes of rock state management (Number of comments: 36)
M11 Effective using of oxidized coals in the production of the blast-furnace coke (Number of comments: 26)
M11 Series of scientific works “Features of the electronic properties of low-dimensional conductive systems in external fields” (Number of comments: 15)
M12 Technological providing of offset printing quality of protected printing products (Number of comments: 36)
M12 Development and expansion of the forecast methods of gas kinetics and heat and mass transfer in coal beds with regard to the type of the stress-strain state (Number of comments: 1)
M12 А series of the work "Physical bases of surface strengthening of biocompatible alloys used in orthopaedic dentistry and implantology" (Number of comments: 6)
M13 Formation conditions of native copper mineralization in volcanites of trappean formation within western Volyn (Number of comments: 7)
M13 А series of the work " Diffraction-optimized original compact broadband antennas for a new generation of communication systems" (Number of comments: 2)
M13 Mathematical and computer modeling of optimazation placement problem of three-dimensional objects with account technological constraints (Number of comments: 5)
M13 Energy-efficient technical means for heat treatment of electrically conductive and non-conductive media on the basis of induction heating devices (Number of comments: 19)
M13 Creation of new technology of making of electric motors with extremely high operating descriptions (Number of comments: 15)
M14 Energy-efficient way of obtaining high-quality low-carbon steel wire with the use of severe plastic deformation (Number of comments: 11)
M14 Martensitic transformation in the non-stoichiometric intermetallic compound Ti3Sn and its mechanical behaviour (Number of comments: 0)
M14 Scientific bases of choice of steels for hydrogen sulfide environments and development of methods of their corrosion protection (Number of comments: 21)
M14 А series of the work "Characterization problems on abelian groups, spectral multiplicities of ergodic actions and classification of measures on Cantor spaces" (Number of comments: 4)
M14 Optical and acoustic diagnostics of corrosion-mechanical destruction of structural elements (Number of comments: 47)
M14 Creation the state primary standard the gas volume and the gas volume flow rate on the gas medium wiht pressure at 1.6 MPa (Number of comments: 11)
M14 Characterization problems on abelian groups, spectral multiplicities of ergodic actions and classification of measures on Cantor spaces (Number of comments: 0)
M14 Scientific basis for stable reproduction text-illustrated information modern printing equipment with defined parameters (Number of comments: 10)
M15 Assessment of limit state and residual life of energy and transport equipment structural elements (Number of comments: 14)
M15 Innovative technologies increase the resource of critical elements of gas turbine engines (Number of comments: 23)
M15 Creation of modern highly efficient cBN cutting tools with a protective coating (Number of comments: 21)
M15 Composite materials and coatings on the titanium-chromium carbide and diboride with high level of wear and corrosion resistance (Number of comments: 9)
M15 Formation submikrokrystalichnoyi structure of titanium alloys plastic deformation to improve resource critical components of GTE (Number of comments: 4)
M16 Quantum effects of interaction in nanosystems (Number of comments: 5)
M16 Armored vehicle simulation with using modern mathematics, software and hardware (Number of comments: 20)
M16 Information technologies for providing information transmitting for adaptive management and monitoring (Number of comments: 14)
M16 Methods for evaluation of efficiency of structural elements of power equipment in hydrogenation (Number of comments: 0)
M16 Sustainable development of territories in the area of mining on the example of western Donbas mines (Number of comments: 43)
M16 Crustal strain deformation on the territory of ukraine obtained from gnss observations (Number of comments: 24)
M16 A series of the scientific works “Mathematical models and methods of pipelines lifetime estimation” (Number of comments: 16)
M17 А series of the work "Field investigation of small-scale sea surface structure using remote sensing methods" (Number of comments: 0)
M17 Creation of the energy-saving intellectual informatively-managing systems of the rolling stock of Ukrainian railways (Number of comments: 1)
M17 Methods of the modification of the surface layer by interstitial elements (oxygen, nitrogen) to improve the properties of titanium alloys (Number of comments: 10)
M18 Informational technologies of network traffic control for cyber attacks counteraction (Number of comments: 35)
M18 Development of the physical foundations of design and technological solutions of the newest optoelectronics devices (Number of comments: 3)
M18 Apriori estimates for evolution systems (Number of comments: 14)
M18 Dispersions of nanoparticles in liquid crystals for new functional materials (Number of comments: 12)
M18 Multifunctional coatings for structural materials (Number of comments: 41)
M18 A series of works «Novel materials based on zinc oxide for designing the optoelectronic devices» (Number of comments: 12)
M18 Creation means for control and diagnosis compression stator core state of powerful turbogenerators (Number of comments: 33)
M19 Laser annealing of non-stochemometric SiOx films (Number of comments: 8)
M19 Prospective Pulsed Technologies of Obtainment of Wear-Resistant Metal-Matrix Composites (Number of comments: 8)
M19 Optimization of blast-furnace slag regime based on the developed new criteria and methods of modern commodity operating conditions of blast furnaces Ukraine (Number of comments: 9)
M19 Energy-efficient method of automation of modes shearers on thin seams (Number of comments: 0)
M19 Improving the cybersecurity of telecommunication systems by methods of digital images complex steganalysis (Number of comments: 7)