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Theoretical Principles and Technologies of Treatment of Refractory Hard Deformable and Composite Materials

Work number - P 32 FILED

Authors: M. V. Zagirnyak, V. V. Dragobetskii, A. A. Shapoval, V. M. Chebenko, Yu. A. Plesnetsov,        V. M. Voronin, V. P. Lyashenko


The  work is presented by Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University.

The work aims at solution of the scientific and technical problem of the development of the theoretical principles and scientific regulations of working out optimization models and mechanisms for effective operation of the parameters improving technological processes of treating workpieces and items of refractory, hard deformable and composite materials to ensure their performance.

The work scientifically substantiates that the highest properties of wear resistance, fatigue strength, thermal resistance, resistance to the impact load, dimensional resistance at high temperatures, specific magnetization, weldability and ability in sintering are achieved when the optimal degree of order of the structure under force and thermal loadings and plastic deformation in case the deformations  correspond to boundary uniform deformations are created.  Determination of the deformation parameters, thermal effect and general technological scheme of treatment is made within the optimal search at the offered criteria of optimization.

The most significant results are the following:

– Laws of the construction of mathematical model of the stress-strained state and calculation of the optimal parameters for material treatment are offered.

– Mechanisms for strain hardening,  compaction, sizing and optimum deformations and structure are found.

– A new technological scheme of production of  tungsten films and high quality and performance cathodes are developed and put into serial production.

– A technological system for mass production of composite active electrode elements is developed.

– Processes of explosive forming, welding and strengthening of refractory and hard deformable products and those made of composite materials are put into mass production.

Operating characteristics of the received products correspond to and  out-perform the best world analogues. It is due to the optimal structure and physical and mechanical properties of the materials received with the help of the controlled choice of the loading parameters and additional non-expensive impulse  effect.

The main results were published in 5 monographs, a manual, approved by the. Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, 222 articles (36 abroad), 38 patents, author’s certificates and abstracts of 42  international scientific symposia and conferences. In international scientometric databases the following publications were found: SCOPUS – 12, ULRICH'S PERIODICALS DIRECTORY – 20, INDEX COPERNICUS – 17, INSPEC – 9, ISIWebofKnowledge– 4.