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Comorbidity in hypertension of mobilization age men and military personnel: prevalence and clinical course

Work number - M 2 AWARDED

Author is Buzhenko Alla Ivanivna.

The work is presented by the Ukrainian Military Medical Academy of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

For the presented topic, 17 scientific papers were published: 6 scientific articles, 7 abstracts, 4 patents of Ukraine were received on utility model. The results of the work are implemented at the branch level in the leading medical and prophylactic institutions of the Defense Forces.

The purpose of the work is to optimize the assessment of fitness for military service of servicemen and men of mobilization age, patients with arterial hypertension, on the basis of the study of the prevalence and course of comorbid pathology.

The important role of arterial hypertension in the loss of professional ability of servicemen of various categories is established at the present stage. The characteristic differences of the prevalence of the comorbid states in the soldiers - participants of the antiterrorist operation, patients with arterial hypertension were determined. The possibility of using the indexes of blood serum leptin, C-reactive protein, fibrinogen, low and medium molecular weight substances for the complex evaluation of patients with arterial hypertension with a metabolic syndrome is substantiated. The use of coefficient of endogenous loading for determining the severity of endotoxemia is suggested. The data on the peculiarities of the clinical course of coronary heart disease in men of mobilization age, patients with arterial hypertension are supplemented. The optimization of the comprehensive assessment of fitness for military service of servicemen and men of mobilization age, patients with arterial hypertension is substantiated.

For a comprehensive assessment of comorbidity in patients with arterial hypertension, the cumulative scale of CIRS diseases is widely used. However, nowhere in the world is such an approach used to assess the suitability of military service for patients with arterial hypertension with comorbidity.

The proposed approach of the author allows carefully and reliably to predict and lengthen the professional longevity of servicemen, which is a significant minimization of the human factor of the combat capability of the forces (forces) and, accordingly, a significant factor in ensuring the defense capability of the State.

Prolonging the professional longevity of a highly qualified (with combat experience) serviceman even for 1 year gives a striking economic effect.