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Devolopment of hard semiconductor films and coatings based on silicides and borides

Work number - M 36 FILED

Presented by Frantsevich Institute for Problems of Materials Science, NAS of Ukraine

Author: dr. A.O. Kozak


The aim of the work is obtaining and establishing the main mechanisms of formation of the structural, optoelectronic and mechanical properties of both the Si-C-N thin films and the Al-Mg-B-C system coatings depending on the deposition parameters as well as the method of obtaining and determining the effect of the interatomic interaction on these properties.

On the basis of the complex approach taken in the study of the influence of the method and the parameters of deposition on the structural, optoelectronic, physical and mechanical properties of thin Si-C-N films and coatings based on Al-Mg-B, a number of new fundamental scientific results were obtained. This contributes to a deep understanding of the effects of processes of growth on the properties of films and coatings. This may be the background for developing effective energy-saving technologies for depositing films and coatings with optimal properties.

Heat-resistant (up to 1000°C) thin Si-C-N films with high hardness up to 34 GPa and high optical transparency (up to 95%) in a large part of the visible range at the same time have been obtained. This makes them promising materials for use as protective transparent coatings in optics or solar energy. In addition, the low surface roughness of the films (~0.23 nm) combined with high hardness and elastic modulus, indicate the possibility of using them to protect against intense mechanical wear of parts in micro- and nanoelectronic mechanical systems. The detected photoluminescence of amorphous Si-C-N films produces the background for further research aimed at the manufacture of LEDs based on them.

Hard Al-Mg-B and Al-Mg-BC coatings were obtained. The high hardness (up to 30GPa), good adhesion and a relatively low coefficient of friction (0.08-0.170) which simultaneously exhibit these coating make them promising materials for use as protective and strengthening coatings in a wide range of applications, including cutting tools, measuring instruments, optical devices and screens.

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