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Moral foundations of lawful behavior

Work number - M 31 AWARDED

Presented by the Institute of State and Law named after V.M. Koretsky NAS of Ukraine


Authors:  Svyrydenko H.V., Suniehin S.O.


Due to an integrated approach to understanding the essence and nature of the phenomenon «lawful behavior», it is reasonable that the formation of its proper level provides for the improvement of not only the formal legal basis for its ensuring, but also the development in subjects of law an internally conscious moral-and-value coordinate system.

It is determined that the real content of lawful behavior, especially socially active, goes beyond the limits of the corresponding models, enshrined in legal norms, and implies a certain moral saturation.

The objective and subjective factors of the formation and implementation of legitimate behavior, including socially active, are established. The scientific bases of research on the problems of lawful behavior in the context of interaction, interconnection and interdependence of law and morality are created.

The ways of forming the proper level of lawful behavior are formulated, in particular, through a positive influence on the moral consciousness of the person as his immediate subject, which makes it possible to properly streamline the internal motives of lawful behavior and thus ensure its highest socially beneficial effect.

The results of the research are introduced into the educational and pedagogical process of higher educational institutions of Ukraine and into recommendations for public organizations and state authorities.

Publications:1 monograph, three sections in collective monographs, 18 articles; According to the Google Scholar database, the total number of links is 5.