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Series of Scientific Works “Mathematical Methods of Optimization and Artificial Intelligence for Modeling of Complex Processes and Systems”




Galba E.F., KulyasA.I., Lebedeva T.T., Semenova N.V., Stetsyuk P.I., Bidyuk P.I., Kasyanov P.O., Krak Yu.V., Kiseleva E.M., ShevchenkoA.I. Is presented by the V.M. Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine .

The series of scientific works consists of 29 monographs and 357 scientific articles published within the period of 1973 -2012.

There have been developed systematic tools for computer and mathematical modeling, constructive methods of optimization, artificial intelligence and intelligent data analysis, which has given the possibility to develop, theoretically generalize and, from uniform scientific standpoint, solve numerous science-consuming problems connected with creation of qualitatively new methods of investigation of complex processes and systems, to encourage the development of new intelligent information technologies, and to advance the original technologies developed in Ukraine onto the international information market.

The series results are important for solution of problems that arise in the process of management and governmental decisions making, budget and macroeconomic planning and forecasting, objects placement, designing of complex engineering systems and networks, creation of new computer technologies and various-purpose software, computer systems for human intellectual activity modeling, and development of intelligent robot-technical systems.

  The results of research are presented in over 1320 publications, including more than 120 monographs, course books, tutorials, and 1200 articles in reviewed magazines (including over 200 in foreign magazines). There have been obtained more than 100 patents, author’s certificates, certificates of copyright on works. According to SCOPUS database, the total number of reviewed publications is 250, the total number of references to authors’ publications is 450, and the maximum h-index is 5. 25 doctoralthesesandover60 masterstheseshavebeendefendedinthissubjectarea