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2013, National Award / State prizes

Number Title of work Presentation
P1 А series of works "Nonlinear waves and solitons in condensed matter physics" (Number of comments: 15)
P5 Developing technologies and techniques for reliability control of supplying hydrocarbons in Ukraine (Number of comments: 36)
P7 Creation of amanagement system by a national information-communication infrastructure (Number of comments: 40)
P9 А series of the work "Regularities wave-vortical processes in continuum" (Number of comments: 13)
P10 Technogenic and Ecological Safety in Exploitation of Coal and Gas Fields. (Theory and Practice) (Number of comments: 64)
P11 Detecting devices based on plastic scintillators (Number of comments: 8)
P15 Devices and aids for diagnostics and magnetic nanotherapy of cancer (Number of comments: 20)
P17 Series of Scientific Works “Mathematical Methods of Optimization and Artificial Intelligence for Modeling of Complex Processes and Systems” (Number of comments: 42)
P18 Creation of Precision Tools and Devices of Optotechnique on a Basis of New Functional Elements (Number of comments: 24)
P19 “Mechanics of Composites” (The monograph in 12 volumes, Kyiv: “Naukova dumka” and “A.S.K.”, 1993-2003 years) (Number of comments: 1)
P23 Scientific bases of ensuring of reliability and profitability of mine head frames (Number of comments: 6)
P25 А series of the work "Scientific principles of the Ukraine natural resources use in the conditions of ecological limitations" (Number of comments: 16)
P32 The basic technology of nanosized semiconductor epitaxial structures for the needs of the electronics (Number of comments: 0)
P33 Structure and evolution of the universe at the galactic and cosmological scales, hidden mass and dark energy: theoretical models and observational results (Number of comments: 21)
P34 Highly complex surface engineering technologies to improve resource heavily loaded parts of mining and metallurgical equipment (Number of comments: 41)
P40 Development and introduction of the system of extraction technologies and processing of iron-ore raw material with providing of rational subsoil use. (Number of comments: 32)
P44 Creation of cyclic-and-continuous transport on the base of steeply inclined conveyer for transferring of rocky mountain mass from quarries (Number of comments: 6)
P49 Novel methods and techniques for constructing large distributed computerized control systems based on high-performance IT-infrastructure (Number of comments: 41)
P50 New generation radioelectronic systems for maritime border comtrol and navigation (Number of comments: 0)
Number Title of work Presentation
P4 Intensification of processes of complex wastewater industrialized urban centers (Number of comments: 42)
P8 Creation and exploitation of the first spent fuel dry storage in Ukraine at Zaporozhye NPP (Number of comments: 16)
P12 A series of the work «Development of scientific principles and methods of bioindication and biomonitoring state and exchanges of natural ecosystems of Ukraine» (Number of comments: 22)
P22 The development and introduction of high-efficiency technologies of ecologically safe production complexes of Ukraine (Number of comments: 23)
P28 Complex of methods and measures to assurance of safe operation and efficiency of Ukrainian NPP (Number of comments: 29)
P39 А series of scientific works “Radioecological and radiobiological monitoring for reconstruction and forecasting radiation accident” (Number of comments: 22)
P42 Automated electricity metering system with power quality indices monitoring (Number of comments: 37)
P48 А series of the work «Peculiarities of biotic potential of forest ecosystems of Ukraine and its impact on climate change» (Number of comments: 15)
Number Title of work Presentation
P3 surgical treatment of ENT diseases with the use of high-frequency electric welding and laser radiation (Number of comments: 15)
P14 Emerging biotechnologies in diagnosis, treatment and prophylacsys of illnesses of human (Number of comments: 31)
P24 Diagnosis and treatment of chronic non-viral liver disease (Number of comments: 88)
P26 А series of the work "Scientific principles of creating new substances and materials based on elementoorganic compounds" (Number of comments: 18)
P27 The series of research “Calcium dependent cellular mechanisms and their role in pathological states” (Number of comments: 40)
P31 Innovative technologies in the surgical treatment of acute gastrointestinal bleedings (Number of comments: 86)
P35 Series of works " Synthesis, structure and properties of quasicrystals" (Number of comments: 3)
P47 Application of umbilical cord blood in surgery for critical congenital heart defects in the first hours of life (Number of comments: 11)
Number Title of work Presentation
P2 Measurement of social changes in ukrainian society. sociological monitoring (1992-2012) (Number of comments: 29)
P36 The cycle of the Monographies about the Liberation Movement for the Independence of Ukraine (1944 – 1991 (Number of comments: 0)
P37 Political and legal foundations of the Ukrainian state formation (Number of comments: 25)
P45 Social ethics and ecology. Human dignity – respect for nature. The monograph.– Kyiv: Libra, 2010. – 416 с. (Number of comments: 0)
P46 Series of research papers «Ukraine in Europe: the context of international relations» (Number of comments: 41)
Number Title of work Presentation
P Energy-efficient technologies accelerated the construction of industrial and civil construction (Number of comments: 0)
P6 Polyfunctional leather and fur materials (Number of comments: 38)
P13 AN-148 Airplane design, building and setting into operation (Number of comments: 9)
P16 Manufacturing high-precision equipment and large-dimension details and installations (Number of comments: 25)
P20 Theory and practice of development, achievements and records sports car brands “KHADI” (Number of comments: 15)
P21 Scientific begrounding and installation in production of innovations methods to increase of sizes og high quality milk and beef production in Ukraine (Number of comments: 0)
P29 Environmentally sustainable formation of the agricultural landscapes as the basis for food security in Ukraine (Number of comments: 3)
P30 The development and implementation a continuous monitoring system for storages and processing pipelines of Odessa Port Plant ammonia overload complex (Number of comments: 17)
P38 Energy-efficient technologies for accelerated erection of industrial and civil construction (Number of comments: 122)
P41 Science background of creaton of the Bank of genetic resources of field crops (Number of comments: 25)
P43 Rational use and protection of irrigated land in Ukraine (Number of comments: 20)
Number Title of work Presentation
П1 Chemist’s technology of drugs (Number of comments: 51)
П2 Consolidation of metals and metallic compositions (Number of comments: 73)
П3 Modern technology in construction (Number of comments: 59)