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Серцево-судинні події та якість життя у хворих на фібриляцію-тріпотіння передсердь

Work number - M 40 AWARDED

BorodaiA.O. Cardiovascularevents andqualityoflifeinpatientsatrialfibrillation-flutter.State Institution “National Scientific Center “Institute of Cardiology named after academician M.D. Strazhesko” of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine

The study devoted to evaluation of thrombo-embolic events, cardiovascular and all-cause mortality was performed. Their clinical and echocardiographic predictors were established, means for reducing a risk of these complications were developed.   Instruments for evaluation of health related quality of life were validated and analysis of its predictors in patients with non-valvular atrial fibrillation-flutter (AF-AFl) was performed.

The prognostic role of spontaneous echo contrast,  interventricular septal thickness, left ventricular volume index, within the invented for the risk assessment of thrombo-embolic events SEIL scale in patients with non-valvular AF-AFl was established.

Approaches to the cardioversion in patients with high risk were studied, were established predictors of sinus rhythm control and of transformation into the permanent AF. The specific characteristics of silent cerebral infarctions in patients with AF-AFl were determined. The ways for reduction risk of stroke and cardiac death were established. For the first time, specific and generic instruments for evaluation of health related quality of life in patients with AF-AFl were validated and predictors of reduced quality of life were estimated.

Based on the results of the study 36 scientific articles were published: 29 of them (27 of them in the international scientific and mathematical databases), in particular, 25 in scientific journals, which are part of the list of professional editions of Ukraine, 2 - in foreign scientific journals, 2 - in other specialized scientific editions of Ukraine; 6  abstracts  (3 in English). 1 Declarative Patent of Ukraine.

According to the Google Scholar database, the total number of citations of publications devoted to this study is 40, h-index 4.