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New simulation methods and technologies of design of multiparametric processes of rock state management

Work number - M 11 FILED

Presented Institute forPhysics of Mining Processes the National Academy Sciences of Ukraine

Candidate of Technical Sciences Khorolskyi A.O., Candidate of Technical Sciences Vynohradov Yu.O.

The aim of the work is to develop new approaches to the efficient development of mineral deposits by creating the technology of optimal design with the use of modern information technologies, which will ensuring environmental friendliness and rational use of the subsoil, the safety of mining operations and the improvement of the quality of extracted raw materials.

To achieve this goal, the following objectives must be pursued:

– to investigate the peculiarities of the exploitation of mineral deposits, which consist in the organization of activities that are not directly related to the exploitation processes and the production of  finished product, which will make it possible to identify the existing reserves of efficiency gains;

– to analyze the existing global world approaches and instruments to address the problem of efficient exploitation of mineral deposits, which will provide a basis for the development of new technology for sustainable natural management;

– to study the main trends in the solution of problems of increasing the efficiency of exploitation of mineral deposits, which include the analysis of technological schemes, technologies, measures and means of obtaining proposed solutions, this will allow the development of new methodological approaches to the design process;

– to carry out fundamental research in the field of physics of mountain processes, in the modelling of geomechanical processes in rock formations, in the modelling of water phenomena in the production, taking into account hydrogeological parameters, and in the interaction of waste products, That accompany mining operations, with atmospheric air;

– to propose an integrated approach to minimizing the negative impact of production on the environment, which would include a ranking of the risks associated with the exploitation of mineral deposits, which would reduce the technological burden in the regions, where mining is taking place;

– to propose a universal instrument for taking account of the adverse effects of production on the environment, which would facilitate the incorporation of additional stages in the design phase of the development technology;

– to develop comprehensive recommendations for determining the best technology for processing mineral deposits, and to facilitate the implementation of State policy in the field of natural resources management.

Expected scientific and technological results. A new innovative design technology will be developed and a comprehensive mining project will be proposed. In addition, software will be developed to automate decision-making, and new technological solutions will be proposed to minimize negative environmental impacts.

Forecast use of project results: the proposed optimum design technologies for the rational exploitation of deposits are independent of the type of mineral and the stages of exploitation, so that they can be introduced into the economy.

Number of publications: 69, including 35 papers (7 – in foreign journals with impact factor). The total number of references to author's publications / h-index according to databases is respectively: Web of Science 4/1; Scopus –31/4; Google Scholar – 327/11.