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Development of the methods for ensuring vibration reliability of cyclically symmetric systems and their components

Work number - M 21 AWARDED

Presented G.S. Pisarenko Institute for Problems of Strength of the NAS of Ukraine

Savchenko Kyrylo Valentynovych, PhD, Kabannyk Sergiy Mykolaiovych, PhD, Derkach Oleh Leonidovych, PhD.


The aim of this work is a computational and experimental determination of the influence of parameters of the mechanical coupling of blades as well as passive and active damping on the formation of vibration of their assemblies as systems with cyclic symmetry and regularities of the initiation of subsonic flutter in the blade assemblies of axial compressors on their operating modes.

On the basis of theoretical and experimental studies, the authors obtained new dependencies of the influence of shroud's parameters on the stress state and the formation of vibrations of blade assemblies as systems with cyclic symmetry. Moreover, the criterion dependencies of the influence of the angle of attack and the reduced frequency of vibrations on the formation of the dynamic stability limit of the blade rows of compressor stages against subsonic flutter have been developed, as well as the algorithm with the software for the express method of its prediction. In addition, the regularities of the influence of parameters of passive and active damping of vibrations of structural elements and their composite structure on the level of vibration stress during non-stationary power loads have been established.

Thanks to the accumulated knowledge and experience in the field of research on vibrations of turbomachine blades, the authors in 2016 were invited to participate in the implementation of the international AERO-UA project of the framework program of the European Union for financing science and innovation "Horizon 2020", funded in the amount of 1,000,000 Euro, with leading EU organizations working in the field of aviation research. The results of authors' studies have found practical implementation at the enterprises of MOTOR SICH PJSC for determination of causes of destruction of a shrouded blade of the second stage of the free turbine, as well as SE Ivchenko-Progres for development of the methodology for preventing damage to pair-shrouded turbine blades and the express-method for predicting dynamic stability of axial compressor blade rows. Also, the research results were used by Piezosensor LLC for the development of piezoelectric vibration sensors and the Institute of Transport Systems and Technologies of the NAS of Ukraine for the design of composite wind turbine blades.

Number of publications: 25 papers (8 – in journals and conference proceedings, indexing in the Web of Science and Scopus databases), 16 materials and abstracts of international conferences. The total number of citations of authors’ publications/ h-index of the work, according to the databases, is respectively: Web of Science – 7/1, Scopus – 18/2, Google Scholar – 51/4. 3 PhD theses have been defended on this topic.