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Assurance of functional safety of critical information-control systems

Work number - P 10 AWARDED

Authors: V.S. Kharchenko, S.V. Yakovlev, V.V. LukinO.S., Gorbachyk, O.O. Letychevskyi, O.A.  Siora, M.F.Sydorenko, L.OUryvskyi

Presented by National Aerospace Universitynamed M.E. Zhukovsky"Kharkiv Aviation Institute"


The paper deals with theassuringfunctionalsafetyofinformation-controlsystemsincriticalareaswherefailurescaused bytheir vulnerability to attacks andphysical and design faults can result in sufficient material losses, accidents, and threats to people's lives.

The authors have developed a holisticandscientifically grounded methodologyto provideinformation-control systems with functional safety in critical areas, and yielded the correspondingindustry standards. The research focuses on theoretical analysis, substantivation and implementation of mathematical models, methods, software and hardware,and technologies for monitoring, estimating and reducing the risks of critical failures of information-control systems and industrial facilities.Theoretical fundamentals has been provided forfunctionally safe computing and reliable communication, principles of developmentand implementation of dependable information-control systems.

Thescientific and experimental studiescondudcted allowed identifyingclasses of critical systems, causes and consequences of failures, caused by software,hardware and netware faults, attacks on vulnerabilities, and various types of perturbations.

The results of the researchhave been implemented bymore than 20 leading high-tech enterprises of Ukraine, thus contributing tofunctional safetyanddependability and reducingexpenses on thelife cycle processes of software and hardware complexes, information-controlsystems and communicationsin various critical sectors (nuclear and thermal power, aviation systems,rocket and space complexes, medical systems, etc.).

The research has been carried out underinternational cooperation and joint projects betweenthe USA, Canada, Finland, Mexico, PRC, Argentina, Bulgaria, South Korea,and other countries.

Publications: 60 monographs (including 30 publishedin foreign editions), 9 textbooks, 19 tutorials, 240 research papers(including 150 publishedin foreign journals). The total number of citations of authors' publications / h-index of the papers according to databases is respectively: Scopus –2216/27; Web of Science –780/16; Google Scholar –5295/38. 41patents for inventions, over 500 patents for know-howmodelsand author's certificates on software, 7 industry standards have been developed. 11 Doctors of Scienceand 71PhDtheses have been defended.