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Developing of detecting devices based on plastic scintillators for modern physic experiments


Authors: Artikov A.M., Budagov Yu.A., Galunov N.Z, Zhmurin P.M., Krumstein Z.V., Lebedev V.Y., Lagutin V.N., Tarasov V.A., Olshevski A.G., Chirikov-Zorin I.E.


Presented by Institute for scintillating materials NAS of Ukraine.

The work is a cycle of investigations made by authors during 1992-2012 years for creating new detecting devices for high energy physics experiments based on plastic scintillators. This allowed Ukraine to take part in the most important international experiments of searching elementary particles predicted by the Standard Model. These are: experiment on finding the top-quark and refinement of W and Z bosons masses on CDF detector (FNAL, USA); OPERA experiment (Institute National de Phisique Nucleaire et de Physique des Particules (In2P3, France) on finding neutrino oscillations and COMPASS experiment (CERN, Switzerland) on refinement of some hypothesis of quantum chromodynamics about the nucleons structure. These experiments bring out new results which allow another view on micro- and macrocosm structure.

In the course of designing of detectors for these experiments there were created new approaches and technologies for production of large dimension plastic scintillators with increased transparency and radiation hardness. As the result, there were created: new muon detector for CDF experiment (USA), coordinate-sensitive detector for OPERA experiment (France) and electromagnetic calorimetric detector ECAL0 for COMPASS experiment (CERN, Switzerland). All designed detecting devices are directly related to all results obtained recently in modern physics. As the result of the work, new high-performance technologies and equipment were created for production of plastic scintillators with specific properties which especially allowed creating of unique detectors for international projects on high energy physics.

Achieved economic effect of improved technologies introduction in production of plastic scintillators and new detectors of ionizing radiation based on them is 2113650 grn. Total effect of the works introducing is about 25 million grn.

Results of conducted scientific investigations are published on 2 monographs, 125 scientific papers and 20 patents. More than 110 publications are cited on the SCOPUS data base. The number of references on author’s publications according to Scopus is more than 8000. Hirsch index, h= 53.