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Ground of methodology estimation of constitution types of different breed horses

Work number - P 3 FILED

Author: Volgina N.V.


Paper presented Luhansk National Agrarian University


The perfection  of  pedigree  and  productive qualitiesis basic task in-process with trotting, carthorse and up-river breeds of horse. This purpose is arrived at due to realization breeding-pedigree activity which are based on the general-biology and pedigree of horse features. The search of new approaches at an estimation, selection and matching of horse gives abilities for the rapid improvement of existent breeds, lines and families.

The systemic analysis of using information of results of estimation of horse on a types constitution in the breeding-pedigree work are made by the author of work first for the continuous period. An estimation of horse types constitution is conducted with using of different methodical receptions. Referencing influence of durability of types constitution on ability to work of Russian trotting horse, Novoalexandrovsk carthorse breed, Thoroughbred and Ukrainian up-river breeds is proved. The limits of basic breedings signs of horse of different direction of the working productivity depending on constitution durability are grounded. Constitution features of exterior and interior of different breeds horse according their sexual, linear belonging and degree of cognation of their parents is searched. The new methodology of estimation of horses type constitution is offered. The new method determination of horse type constitution durability is offered on the basis of searched constitution law due level of development of measurings, indexes of build, thickness of skin and hoof horn, morphological composition of blood of different direction productivity horse.

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