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Innovative technologies of food products of special purpose in the context of food safety of Ukraine

Work number - M 34 AWARDED

Organization: National University of Food Technologies

Authors: Galenko O. , Shevchenko A., Koval O.

The purpose of the work was to confirm the relationship between the state of human health and nutrition as a complex of objective and subjective factors whichdirectly determine the quality of life, its duration and content.

Within the presented work, the tasks to develop innovative technologies of products for special purpose on the basis of the principles of healthy nutrition and modern achievements due to thethe development of technologies of food products of a new generation in Ukraine with the provision of their qualitative and competitive characteristics, including those inthe context of food safety, were solved. An innovative way of obtaining diabetic bakery products with a balanced chemical composition, which includes a comprehensive impact of sugar and natural supplements, in particular, completeprotein of animal origin, polysaccharides, mineral substances in the form of salts of organic acids – citrates on raw materials, semi-finished and finished bakery products that allowsto improve the properties of new products and promote the achievement of high-quality products with a reduced glycemic index has been scientifically justified; rational parametres of enzymatic proteolysis and calcination of protein-calcium herodieteticadditivehave beensubstantiated and experimentally confirmed; the results of the researchesallowed to get products with the optimal composition.

The formulations and doses, technological techniques and regimeshave been developed, the technology of bakery products for patients with diabeteshas been improved, a new technology of protein-calcium herodieteticadditivehas been developed. The basic biochemical and microbiological processes using the specified additives have been studied.Conformational changes of protein molecules of products have beendetermined.

The rational parameters of the enzymatic proteolysis and calcining of the enrichment agent – the hydromodule (1: 1), the concentration of 0.1% of food collagenase, the medium temperature of 12 °C, the duration of the enzymatic proteolysis of 3 hours, combined with calcining duringthe last hour, have been scientifically substantiated and experimentally confirmed. It has beenestablished that the replacement of 10% of meat raw material bythe additivein the formulation of cooked sausages approximates the ratio of Ca: P of finished products to the optimal (1: 1).

Digestion of protein of products by research in in vitro and in vivohas been established. Clinical studies have confirmed the safety and effectivenessof developed productsforthe human body.

As a result of the researches, 197 works have been published: 4 monographs (2 of them are foreign), 1 author's certificate for a scientific work, 36 papersin professional journals, 7of them arein international foreign journals, 51 patents of Ukraine (8 of themarefor invention) and 105 theses at scientific conferences of different levels have been represented. According to Google Scholar, the number of publications links andh-index – 28/2.