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Reflection of agricultural land in accounting and financial reporting as the tool for capitalizing the national and business potential

Work number - M 30 FILED

Ostapchuk S.M.

'Institute of Agrarian Economics' National Scientific Centre (Kyiv).


The purpose of thescientific work is devoted to the deepening of theoretical and methodological base for accounting of agricultural land, working out practical recommendations for better reflection of the land for agricultural purpose in the accounting and reporting of agricultural enterprises.

The scientific novelty of the research lies in the theoretical and methodological substantiation of the conceptual framework for the development of accounting for agricultural land and the work out of the recommendations for improving the methodical support for setting on the balance sheet the lease rights for agricultural land.

The economic and legal essence of the land capital for agricultural purpose was disclosed and its definition was proposed. The stages of formation of the theoretical basis for the reflection of operations with land capital in the accounting system were highlighted. The reason was substantiated why institutional approach is to be used to solve the problems in development of methodology for accounting and assessment of the land for agricultural purpose under conditions of globalization. On the basis of foreign experience and in view of present-day economic and legal conditions under which the agrarian branch is functioning, conceptual grounds were formed to build up accounting of the land for agricultural purpose. Propositions were worked out how to improve the methodical provision for taking the lease rights of agricultural land on the agricultural enterprise’s balance sheet. The Notes to the Financial Statements were extended in order to raise the level of disclosing information about agricultural land and the rights to use them.

The practical significance of the results lies in the following. The scientific provisions, conclusions and recommendations contained in the work, allow to systematically disclose information about agricultural land and the rights to use them in accounting and financial reporting, thereby increasing the investment attractiveness of agricultural enterprises and agricultural industry in whole.

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