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Scientific fundamentals and technologies of the replacement of anthracite on thermal power plants

Work number - P 39 FILED

Presented by the Coal Energy Technologies Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Authors: MaystrenkoO.Yu., ChernyavskyM.V., DunayevskaN.I., ProvarovO.Yu., BabenkoI.A., KravetsP.P., MoiseenkoO.V., MiroshnichenkoE.S.

The work is devoted to the development and implementation of technologies for partial and complete replacement of anthracite at Ukrainian thermal power plants by other solid fuels on the basis of theoretical and experimental studies of combustion processes of pulverized coal and plant biomass. The results of the work provide solutions to the problems of diversification of the fuel base of the TPP and CHPP plants, the maintenance of uninterrupted generation of electricity in the conditions of the cutoff supply of Donetsk anthracite, the transfer of anthracite power units to bituminous coals, and provide the basis for the new construction of high-efficiency boiler units for solid fuels.

The main scientific achievements of the work that have gained international recognition are the determination of the kinetic characteristics of pyrolysis and combustion of fuels of different degrees of metamorphism, the improvement of the methods for calculating the dynamics of combustion of fuels and fuel mixtures in the conditions of a pulverized coal flame, methods for assessing the inclination of coal dust to spontaneous ignition and explosion.

On this basis, technological solutions for combustion in existing anthracite boiler units of imported fuels with non-project characteristics, mixtures of anthracite with domestic bituminous coal and plant biomass, technology of transfer of anthracite boiler units to bituminous coal with the maximum use of existing equipment are developed. They were implemented at the Zmiyivska, Trypilska, Slovyanska, Kryvorizka, Myronivska TPPs, at the Darnytska, Chernihivska, and Sumska CHPPs, which due to this provided uninterrupted supply of electric and thermal energy in 2014-2017. They provided significant savings in the transfer of the 300 MW anthracite power unit of Trypilska Thermal Power Plant to bituminous coal. The application of these technological solutions has allowed replacing by domestic bituminous coal and imported fuels with non-project characteristics over 4.8 million tons of Donetsk anthracite, saving more than 60 million cubic meters of gas. The confirmed economic effect is amounted to 274.7 million UAH.

The results of the work are published in 2 monographs, over 100 scientific articles(14 - foreign journals), protected by 2 patents of Ukraine, used in the development of 10 national standards and 3 standards of enterprises. The total number of links to the authors' publications / h-index in Google Shcolar  - 253/7 For this topic, 2 doctoral and 7 Ph.D. theses are defended