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Scientific fundamentals of electric transport effective integration into the urban infrastructure

Work number - M 42 AWARDED

By Technical University “Dnipro Polytechnic”


Authored by: Lutsenko I.M.,Fedoriachenko S.O., Beshta O.O., Vesela M.A.

The purpose of the workis to substantiate the scientific and theoretical foundations of the infrastructure comprehensive development for electric vehicles and hybrids in the urbanized environment of Ukraine, taking into account the technical and economic aspects of their effective integration into the electrical grids of urban areas by developing standard templates, structure and laws of energy-efficient control of the electric vehicle electrical system and electrical engineering complex "electric vehicle-charging station-distribution network".

On the basis of theoretical studies and experiments, the authors determined the patterns of formation of the optimal infrastructure across the urban areas of Ukraine in the context of electric and hybrid vehicles large-scale introduction with an assessment of their impact on the efficiency of the electric power and transport network. The scientific basis for the development of the complex influence parameters and laws of operating modes and the electromechanical system structure of electric and hybrid vehicles on the performance of the electrical engineering complex through their rational integration with the feasibility study of the relevant decisions has been created.

The use of electric vehicles as active adaptive consumer-regulators in the conditions of the topology of the infrastructure objects location, indicators of the graphs of electrical loads of their work, the system power supply parameters and their characteristics are proposed; typical templates of energy-efficient modes of electric energy consumption / generation by traction batteries under the conditions of a specific electric network and user are presented; method for calculating electric loads of urban electric networks is proposed, taking into account the use of electric vehicles as consumer regulators for typical urban facilities; a theoretical justification and methodological explanation of the search for the target function of the optimal placement of charging stations and design capacities of service stations on the basis of operation research theory is presented.

Number of publications: 65, including 1 monograph, 1 book (manual), 46 articles (10 - in foreign editions). According to the Scopus database, the total number of references to the authors' publications that are presented in the work is 17, the h-index (by work) = 3; novelty and competitiveness of technical solutions protected by 2 patents. On this subject 1 Ph.D. thesis was defended, 1 PhD thesis was submitted to the Specialized Scientific Council