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Inflammation and immune reactions in development of cardiovascular and female reproductive system, correction and prevention of these conditions

Work number - M 58 AWARDED

Presented Bogomoletz Institute of Physiology

Drachuk KO, Portnichenko GV, Sribna VO, Stupchuk MS

Presented manuscript consists from 3 parts, that are describing the importance of immune and inflammatory reactions in development of cardiovascular pathologies in ageing organism, that lead to lowering of bioaccessibility of nitric oxide, one of the main vessel relaxation regulators. One of the main damaging factors are considered inflammation, immune reactions and oxidative stress. Pathological changes in cardiovascular system were shown under hypertension and high-cholesterol diet-inducted metabolic disturbances. Also were shown changes in expression of genes, key regulators of lipid metabolism, and appearance of early stages of atherosclerosis, in particular aorta tissue damage, lipidosis, morphological changes, inflammation in the vessel walls. The third part of the work dedicated to the investigation of ovarian function with the use of experimental immune-complex-inducted injury in mice. It was shown, that immunization with the xenogeneic protein (bovine serum albumin) is accompanied by oxidative-nitrative stress and leads to development of systemic inflammation with immune system (thymus, lymphatic nodes) cells injury and impairing of ovarian function – inhibition of developing oocytes meiosis, inducing cell death of oocyte follicular environment, that is characteristic of reproductive function impairment in women, known as premature ovarian failure. Also, it was found the appearance of one strand breaks in cells DNA of oocyte follicular environment, thymus, and lymphatic nodes in development of premature ovarian failure and considered experimentally proven ways for the correction of this condition (antioxidants, nanoparticles of iron).

Also, it was developed the experimental approaches to correction of abovementioned stats. First time shown, that hydrogen sulfide NaHS inhibits oxidative stress, that leads to significant improvement in NO synthesis and renewal of endothelium-dependent vessels relaxation, heart diastolic function in old rats.

Therefore, considering literature data and results of own investigations it was shown the importance of immune reactions and systemic inflammatory processes in development of different pathological conditions, that nowadays are major problems for human health, and quality of life. This work also presents experimental approaches that are perspective for development new ways on prevention and treatment of pathologies of cardiovascular system and female reproductive system.

Number of publications: 110, incl. 50 articles (25 – in English-language journals with an impact factor). The total number of references to the authors' publications / h-index of work, according to the databases is respectively: Scopus – 46/6, Google Scholar – 115/8. Received 1 patents of Ukraine for inventions.