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Agrobiological features of increasing the productivity of grain crops in the eastern part of the Northern Steppe of Ukraine

Work number - M 11 FILED

Presented Donetsk State Agricultural Science Station of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine

doctor of agricultural science, senior researcher, Vinyukov O.

The research work presents the theoretical substantiation and new solution of the actual scientific problem, which consists in the development of scientific bases for increasing the grain productivity of winter wheat and spring barley in the eastern part of the Northern Steppe of Ukraine, taking into consideration the variation of weather factors, morphobiotic varieties, predecessors, use of growth regulators, biologically active substances, macro- and microfertilizers in order to increase the efficiency of cultivation and stabilization gross yield of grain. For the first time, for the eastern part of the Northern Steppe, the scientific foundations of the selection of varieties of grain crops for adaptive reasons have been substantiated and developed. The patterns of plant growth and development under the influence of abiotic factors have been established, which allowed to develop a model of the most adapted to the specific conditions of cultivation. The reaction of plants to the introduction into the technological process of elements of biologization is revealed.

The scientific value is represented by the data of the analysis of the impact of the technogenic loading on the agricultural production of the Donetsk region, and the effectiveness of application the proposed technology elements to reduce the technogenic load on agrocenoses is determined.

Based on the results of long-term period of researches, new and improved methods of growing technology of winter wheat and spring barley have been developed, which, in conditions of the eastern part of the Northern Steppe, allow to realize the genetic potential of varieties, increase crop yields and improve the quality and safety of grain, reduce energy and production costs, and also, to select adapted varieties for cultivation in different technological systems

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