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Population migration activity of Ukraine: socio-economic challenges and regulatory mechanisms

Work number - M 33 AWARDED

Presented SI «M. Dolishniy Institute of Regional Research of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine»

Doctor of Economics, Senior Researcher Mariana Bil, PhD in Economics Ihor Baranyak

The scientific novelty of the presented series of works is to deepen the fundamental provisions on the content of the population migratory activity, which reveals the component structure of its analysis. Conceptual provisions on the mechanism for regulating population migration include determining its content, structural and functional modeling.

The methodological bases of construction of prognostic model of demo-reproducing processes in the conditions of increased the population migration activity of Ukraine and Carpathian region are developed and scientifically substantiated. It is based on estimating the potential volumes of migration flows of human resources, taking into account the probable changes in the demographic situation, indicators of socio-economic development and conditions (state and dynamics of change) of labor markets in the migration system. The program-methodological basis of the system of monitoring of demo-reproducing processes in the conditions of development of territorial migration systems and intensification of migration processes is formed.

The method of calculating indices of regional migration attractiveness is further developed, which, unlike existing ones, takes into account the economically active population and allows within a specific migration system to crystallize its architecture through the definition of regional migration attractiveness of the region to the concept of state employment policy and effective regulation of the labor market.

The application of a risky approach to the analysis of the population migration activity allowed to systematize the main risks and threats of high migration with a specification for the Carpathian region. Recommendations for improving the mechanism for regulating migration activity emphasize the need to establish a National Monitoring System and implement other measures aimed at solving acute problems of social insecurity of migrants, growing youth migration, lack of qualified personnel in the face of growing human losses.

The practical significance of the series of scientific works is in a comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach to analyzing the problems of the population migration activity of Ukraine and the Carpathian region in the context of identifying socio-economic challenges and justifying effective regulatory mechanisms. The main idea of the research is to preserve the human potential of Ukraine and its regions in conditions of high migration activity of the population through the formation of an internal competitive development environment.


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