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Automatized spectrum monitoring system in the frequency bands of general use

Work number - P 9 FILED

BlagodarnyiV.G., BondarchukV.T., KaliuzhnyiM.M., KhairovI.V.,KorsakV.F., OliinykV.F., PleshakovG.A., SlobodianiukP.V., TytarenkoV.K., YatsukP.P.

It is advanced with Scientific and Technical Council of State Enterprise “Ukrainian State Centre of Radio Frequencies”.


The general object of the work wasto create in Ukraine automatized system, which can provide thespectrum monitoring of radio frequency resource usage at any complicated electromagnetic environment and during major event  too. The main aim of this system is to provide the effective usage of radio frequency resource and to determine the radio frequency resource which doesn’t use for implementation in Ukraine new telecommunication technologies and for development current telecommunication technologies networks as well.

The scientific novelty of the work includes the working out new principles and new methodsof cooperation and interaction between automatized spectrum monitoring system and other  automatized systems which is realized on other software platforms and the working out methods and criterions of estimation of operating efficiency of local group of fixed and mobile monitoring stations, local subsystems and automatized spectrum monitoring system at all. 

Scientific significance of the work consists of the following:

-had developed thet heory and the methods of building of distributed automatized spectrum monitoring system which provides the control of operating of remote unmanned sensors (fixed monitoring stations) on estimation the electromagnetic environment and estimation  the radio frequency resource usage as well;

-had scientific grounded and had developed the structure and the main principles of operation of multi hierarchy distributed automatized spectrum monitoring system in frequency band from 30 МHz to6 GHz;

-had developed the technical requirements for unif ystructure  of  fixed and mobile monitoring stations which provide spectrum monitoring in frequency bands from 30 MHz till6 GHz;

-had developed the theory of the estimation of coverage areas of single fixed monitoring stations, local groups of fixed monitoring stations and automatized spectrum monitoring system at all and methods of optimization of fixed monitoring stations location  topology as well.

Realization scale. At present spectrum monitoring system in Ukraine covers 107 populated areas with total population more than 39 million peoples and it covers 87% radio transmitters in frequency band from 30 MHz up 6 GHz and more than 75% radio transmitters in frequency band from 6 GHz to 40 GHz.

Sixmonographson the subject-matter of the work werepublished.