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Creation and broad implementation of new welding electrodes for oil and gas and machine-building industry

Work number - P 17 FILED

МаksimоvS.Y., Skоrinа N.V., Makarenko V.D.,ChebotarI.M., Chiharev V.V., Vinnikov J.L.




             The purpose of the workis to solve important national and economic problems increase of durability and reliability of welding metal constructions oil and gas and machine-building industry by developing progressive welding electrodes on the basis of new metallurgical and technological principles of ensuring high welding and mounting and corrosion-mechanical properties of weld metal.

             Scientific novelty. Using the developed information-analytical systems ANP-1 the mechanisms of influence of the main components of the gas-slag-forming and deoxidizing systems on the transfer of molten metal have been studied and the stability of the arc of combustion of alternating current for electrodes with the main type of coating which allowed to develop the basic principles of the creation of universal electrons with improved welding-technological properties. Corrosion-mechanical and metallographic studies have established the influence of nickel on the impact strength and resistance characteristics of cracks in the metal seams of cold-resistant steels of oil and gas and machine-building purposes. The optimum chemical composition of the deposited metal is determined, which ensures the obtaining of a fine-grained structure with a small number of non-metallic inclusions of globular form, which is realized by the optimal content and ratio of ferroalloys in the electrode coating.

The scientific and practical significanceof the results obtained is substantiated by the results of the pilot experimental tests both in laboratory conditions and in many oil and gas and machine-building enterprises a large-scale industrial output of the electrodes of the brands ANO-25, ANO-26, ANO-27 and ANO-TM at factories and private enterprises, as well as a powerful introduction to the production and repair of oil and gas pipelines and metal structures for machine-building purposes.

    Ukrainian enterprises manufactured 7580 tons of electrodes and obtained an economic effect of 350, 5 million UAH.

  On the subject of work printed: 10 monographs,124major publications, received 33patents of Ukraine and copyright certificates of the USSR, defended theses on the topic: 7 doctoral and 12 candidate.

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