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The cycle of the Monographs about the Liberation Movement for the Independence of Ukraine (1944 – 1991)

Work number - P 12 FILED

     Goncharuk G. I., Nagaitsev O. U., Shanovska O. A.

     In seven monographs which had been published during 1997–2011 the source aspect of domestic and foreign historiographical investigations of the struggle of Ukrainian patriots for independence of Ukraine from 1944 to 1991is considered.  The authors produced own findings, unknown before, the great number of which had been discovering in the archives. The results of the study is significant for an impartial and unbiased (in the sense of political and ideological) interpretationof events related to the national liberation movement for independence of Ukraine.

     The investigationsrepresented in the cycle of monographs have no word analogues. 

The results ofinvestigations are presented in 25 publications, including 11monographs. On the subject is protected by 9 PhD theses.