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A new method of creating epoxy composites whith improved physical and mechanical characteristics under influence of constant physical fields

Work number - M 22 AWARDED

Author:Demchenko V.L.

Presented by the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

In this work we have solved an important scientific and technical problemconcerning to definition of the basic laws of permanent influence of magnetic and electric fields on the structural organization of epoxy composites and their thermal, thermomechanical, electrical properties, which allows to obtain materials with a specified set of physical and mechanical characteristics for multi-purpose applications solutions of high-tech industrial applications.

It was developed the scientific basis of formulation of the basic principlesgoverning the structure and properties of epoxy composites that has a practical orientation.By the means ofadjusting the constant physical field tensity and selecting of filler with a given magnetic nature and electrical conductivity for epoxy resin we can produce the epoxy composites with a given set of characteristics. In particular, the constant physical fields allow adjusting volume resistivity (electrical percolation threshold) and the thermal conductivity of epoxy composites, which enables to development of new materials with a wide range of electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. These materials correspond to best world standards and don't have analogues in Ukraine. It is can be used for manufacturing semiconductor devices, thermistors, switches ion current of ion-conducting coatings, and adhesives, microelectronic elements. Also, the constant physical fields enable to regulate the heat resistance and thermal expansion of epoxy composites, which gives the opportunity to develop sensor element temperature at the top of world research.

A new method of formation of structure and properties of epoxy composites with improved physical and mechanical characteristics under constant physical fields has been developed and implemented. The method has been tested in an industrial environment at the state enterprise «Research Institute "Elastic».  Act of using the results of research work has been obtained.

Results of work have been presented in 30 international and Ukrainian conferences and symposia in 9 countries, that evidence about world level.

Scientific results are reflected in 62 scientific works, including 1 monograph, 2 patents, 29 articles, 10 of which are international scientific and technical publications and 30 abstracts. Novelty and competitive of technical solutions are protected by the 2 patents and act of using the results of research work. Works of the author are cited in 72 scientific and applied journals, h =4 (according to databasesGoogle Scholar).The total number of publications of the author of 101 scientific work.