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Resource-saving constructions of buildings and structures

Work number - M 8 AWARDED


Chichulina K.V., Kharchenko М.О.


Presented by Poltava National Technical Yuri Kondratyuk University.


The work is devoted to the development and research of resource-saving constructions of buildings and structures, effective methods of designing, construction and operation of these objects in difficult geotechnical conditions, especially in seismically hazardous areas, reliability of new steel beams with a profiled wall and artificial ground bases.

New constructive solutions of light combined metallic farms, beams and arches are presented, as well as artificial bases and effective foundations that have a wide range of applications in construction. The considered issues are related to the assessment of the reliability of the developed resource-saving constructions. The theoretical and numerical analysis revealed dependencies characterizing the stress-strain state of the proposed light beams and their nodal compounds. The probability of failure-free operation of composite beams is determined and the dependence is obtained for the calculation of the probability of failure of the consistently connected elements, taking into account the degree of correlation communication. The method of designing optimal structures with a given level of reliability is proposed, which allows to regulate existing reserves of effective constructive systems by changing the cross sections of elements while providing a general level of reliability. An engineering method of calculating the proposed structures and their nodal connections is developed. Modern seismic-proof artificial bases have been developed by compaction of natural soil and its reinforcement by ground-cement elements for objects of high responsibility. The results of work are implemented in the domestic normative documents and production.

About the world level of the proposed constructive solutions suggests the possibility of reducing their mass and the use of modern robotic equipment, which in general allows reducing the cost and general terms of construction to 40-60%.

As a result of the feasibility study of the proposed structures, the economic effect of reducing the material content and estimated cost, which varies within 17% without loss of strength and stability, has been identified. The technology of manufacturing the proposed design solutions ensures minimum tolerances and high accuracy of installation, and design is carried out taking into account the possibility of diversification of standard sizes and aesthetic needs.

Scientific results of research are shown in 4 monographs and 106 articles. Novelty and competitive of technical solutions are protected by 19 patents of Ukraine for utility models.

The total number of authors’ publications: 174.