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А series of the work «Peculiarities of biotic potential of forest ecosystems of Ukraine and its impact on climate change»

Work number - P 48 FILED


Lakyda P.I., Pasternak V.P., Makarchuk Ya.I., Lycur I.M., Girs O.A., Myklush S.I., Kostyuchenko Yu.V., Vasylyshyn R.D., Bilous A.M.


Presented for the 2013 State Prize of Ukraine in science and technology.


The series of research papers consists of 35 monographs, 24 textbooks, reference books and brochures, 183 scientific articles, 28 international scientific papers and 3 patents published during 1990-2012.


The main aim of the research was to develop theoretical and methodological basis, technical principles, and results of passive experiment and practical implementation of normative and regulatory support of assessment of biotic potential of forest ecosystems of Ukraine based on systematic approach.

A number of fundamental results on formation of live biomass of trees and forest stands of main forest-forming tree species of Ukraine and sequestered carbon, as well as monitoring of environment and main flows of greenhouse gases is achieved. Using remote sensing methods, the system of identification of forested areas and assessment of their biotic potential was developed. The model for sustainable forest use was theoretically grounded and mathematically implemented. According to various climate change scenarios, prognostic assessment of role of forest ecosystems in mitigating climatic changes was performed, and main ways for adapting main areas of forestry to them were proposed. Economic assessment of biotic potential of forest ecosystems, and guidelines for transition to paradigm of sustainable development in sphere of forest resources use were proposed.

The series of research papers includes priority results in forest inventory and forest mensuration – important as a basis of information support for assessment of state of biotic potential of Ukrainian forests, prognosis of their dynamics in accordance with multiple scenarios depending upon human impact on forest ecosystems and environmental factors, with formulation of forest policy-related, silvicultural, environmental, economic and social mechanisms of regulation and mitigation of global climate changes.

Practical significance of the research is discovered in creation of a system of normative and informational support (mathematical models, normative and reference tables, charts, scenarios etc.) for evaluation of a set of parameters which describe state and dynamics of biotic potential of Ukrainian forests with implementation on forestry enterprises of the State Agency of forest resources of Ukraine, project enterprises of Production Association “Ukrderzhlisproekt”, scientific institutions, and higher education establishments of the country.


The results are described in 273 publications, including 35 monographs, 24 textbooks, handbooks, brochures, 211 articles in scientific journals (including 28 foreign). Publications are cited in over 7 scientific journals, with total citation index of publications of more than 20 (in accordance with Scopus databases), h-index =4. Three patents acquired. On the aforementioned subject 26 candidate and 5 doctoral dissertations are defended.