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Intellectual technologies in medical diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation

Work number - P 21 FILED

Presented by Vinnytsia National Technical University

Authors:Pavlov Sergii V., Avrunin Oleg G., Zlepko Sergii M., Bodyanskiy Yevgeniy V., Kolisnyk Petro F., Lysenko Oleksandr M., Chaikovsky Illia A., Filatov Valentin O.

The aim of the work is the development of theoretical foundations and creation of intelligent technologies for medical diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation.

The authors using theoretical research and experiments have defined new approaches to the development of biomedical systems based on the methods of biophysical processes modeling and intelligent analysis of diagnostic data.

The scientific foundations of the theory of the construction and organization of intellectual biotechnical systems for diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation are created, which consist in the formation of basic model ideas, the creation of methods, the information-logical structure and algorithmic models of the work of these systems for various areas of medicine. The structure of intellectual technologies in medical diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation includes realized by the authors of this work the methods of processing and analysis of data, modeling of biophysical processes, forecasting on their basis the results of treatment and independent verification of the results.

The basic conceptual foundations of intellectual technologies are formed for support of acceptance of diagnostic decisions, virtual modeling of medical process and planning of rehabilitation aktivity on the basis of the approach, which combines the modeling of biophysical processes and methods of computing intelligence for modern information systems.

The principles of configuration and trajectory virtual modeling of the medical process, approaches to increasing the authenticity of functional diagnostics based on the methods of intellectual data analysis, the newest approaches to rehabilitation on the basis of information technologies for processing the dynamics of changes of diagnostic indicators are proposed.

Original hardware and software means for functional diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation in various fields of medicine have been implemented.

The work is the first systematic development of biomedical orientation on the implementation of integrated approaches for diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation based on of intelligent technology for diagnostic data analyzing.

The results of the work are implemented in practice, in the creation of perspective plans for the manufacture of medical equipment, in various clinical institutions of civil and military medicine of Ukraine, PRC, Great Britain and in the teaching of disciplines of specialties 163 "Biomedical engineering" and 222 "Medicine" in several institutes and universities of Ukraine.

The work has complex medical-technical and socio-economic effects.

Number of publications:425 scientific publications, incl. 29 monographs, 4 textbooks, 242 papers (159 - in foreign publications, which are part of the Scopus database). According to the Scopus database, the total number of references to authors' publications presented in the work is 975, the h-index = 16; according to the Google Scholar the total number of links is 1575, h-index = 25. Novelty and competitiveness technical solutions are protected by 39 patents, incl. 4 abroad (USA, EU, China, Japan). On this subject are defended 5 Dr.Sci. and 32 PhD theses, as well as a D.M. thesis (Germany).