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Electrochemistry of functional materials and systems

Work number - P 11 AWARDED

Presented VI Vernadsky Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Kolbasov G.Ya., Kublanovsky VS, Bersirova OL, Sakhnenko MD, Ved’ MV, Kuntiy OI, Reshetnyak OV, Posudievsky O.Yu.

A new paradigm of the processes of electrochemical synthesis of functional materials has been created on the basis of the proposed theory of discharge-ionization of electrochemically active complexes, the laws of the correlation between the functional properties of coatings and the fundamental characteristics and parameters of electrochemical kinetics.

The new approaches of surface engineering have been developed for electrochemical synthesis and processing of materials that capable of operating at extreme temperature and power modes under the simultaneous action of an aggressive media. The innovatively promising technologies have been proposed for the formation of new generation of nanomaterials based on superalloys, metal oxide composites, photosensitive hetero- and nanostructures, electrically conductive polymers and its composites, etc.

The main research areas of this work concern of electrochemistry, both as directly the method of synthesis of new materials, and the study and design of electrochemical properties of coatings / nanoparticles that cannot be obtained by other methods. The aim of the work was to develop the theoretical foundations of directed synthesis and create a wide range of new competitive materials and systems based on the establishment of structural and functional patterns of its electrochemical formation.

А number of the novel competitive electrochemical materials (electrode and electrolyte materials for chemical current sources and supercapacitors, electro- and photocatalysts, sorption and optical materials, functional coatings, etc.) have been created as a result of the performed research. This materials used  in various fields of science and technology, namely, for alternative energy, chemical current sources, nano- and microelectronics, electrochromic systems, electrocatalysis, ecosensorics, electrochemical synthesis of commercial products, photoelectrochemical systems, anti-corrosion protection.

Number of publications: 30 monographs (7 - published abroad) and 39 chapters in collective monographs (30 - published abroad), 36 textbooks (manuals), and 500 articles (350 of them are published in foreign periodicals). The total number of citations to the presented publications of the authors/h-index/i10-index (regarding the whole work), according to the databases, is respectively: Web of Science - 1856/21/52, Scopus -2185/22/71, Google Scholar - 4903/33/148. The novelty and competitiveness of the technical decisions are protected by 33 valid patents (7 – patents of Kazakhstan, China, USA). Eight doctoral dissertations (DSc) and 47 candidate's dissertations (PhD theses) have been defended concerning this subject matter.