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Development of design and machine manufacturing technologies for creation of new generation freight cars.


Authors: Anofriev V., Ilchyshyn V., Isopenko I., Kalantyrya S., Mozheiko E., Mokriy T.,  Poznyakov V., Reidemeister O., Uchkalov V.


The work is presented byDniepropetrovsk national state university of railway transport named after academician V. Lazaryan.

An important scientific and technical problem providing of a transport system of Ukraine with the constructions of freight cars of new generation is solved, that allows to accelerate replacement of a worn park of freight cars, to increase his productivity, to reduce substantially charges on service and repair and to increace security of train motion.

In the presented work applies as well as fundamental investigations fulfilled in branches of a general mechanics and material science, in particular the theory of creep is specified, methods and algorithms of optimization of car constructions, creation of materials (steels) with prescribed properties and progressive technologies of their welding are developed. The line of technical decision and technologies which allow to increase the duration of life cycle of cars 1,4 times, the resource of most problem knots 3-4 times, the operating velocity of car movement up to 120 kmph, to decrease considerably influence of vehicles on a track structure, to increase the reliability of draft gears and brake systems is offered.


With the use of the offered unique machine-building technologies family of competitive constructions of modern freight cares of new generation, which have dynamic, operating and resource properties at the level of world standards, is created in Ukraine first time.

Now more than 24 thousands of freight cars of new generation are successfully exploited. Experience of exploitation of these cars on the railways of Ukraine, countries of the CIS and European Union, testifies their high quality and operating performance.

An economic effect from introduction of freight rolling stock of new generation is equal to1,6 billionsof UAH.12 thousands of workplaces are created on domestic enterprises.

The results are represented in 7 monographs, more than in 300 papers (in thereby in international scientific editions – Proceedings of American Society of Mechanical Engineers, journals «Vehicle System Dynamics»,  «Ingegneria Ferroviaria» and in the fundamental book «Random vibrations. State of researches», which is published in the USA. A novelty and competitiveness of technical decisions are protected with 120 patents (in thereby near 60 – abroad). After this subject protected 12 doctoral and 34 candidate dissertations.