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Integration of Ukraine into the global socio-economic space


Presented by the Institute of Economics and Forecasting of the NAS of Ukraine


Authors: Academ. Bilorus O.G., Doc. (Economics) Vlasov V.I., Cor. Member Hrytsenko A.A., Academ. Iefymenko T.I., Cor. Member Zvieriakov M.I., Academ. Libanova E.M., Doc. (Economics) Lukyanenko D.G., Doc. (Economics) Poruchnyk A.M.

The objective of the paper is to study the content and forms of the contradictory process of Ukraine's integration into the global socio-economic space and to develop, on this basis, directions and ways of overcoming cyclical-crisis dynamics.

On the basis of theoretical research the authors have determined the logic of the historical development of the process of the socio-economic space globalization and the place of Ukraine in it. They have shown that an outcome of the combination of inversion type of market transformation and globalization for our country was the inversion trap, which has caused cyclical-crisis social and economic dynamics. The scientific basis for the balanced integration of Ukraine into the global socio-economic space has been created. The core conceptual foundations of the financial and economic security of Ukraine in an unstable global space have been formed. Directions and ways of overcoming the crisis socio-economic dynamics have been offered. Proposals on the correction of individual components of socio-economic policy have been implemented, taking into account the destabilizing impact of globalization factors.

The scientific significance and novelty of the research, as well as its topicality and importance for public administration practice lies in the following: a) developing and implementing the original interpretation methodology for the socio-economic space, which acquired the quantum-network characteristics; b) conceptual scientific understanding of the content of the globalization process in its unity with the localization; c) the systemic theoretical reproduction of the subject of research; d) assessing threats, risks and the contradictory results and prospects of Ukraine’s integration into the global socio-economic space adequately regarding modern global and localizational dynamics; e) developing the set of proposals, implemented through the measures in the framework of the Poverty Reduction Strategy, especially within partial neutralization of the negative global impact on the structure and dynamics of wages

The social and economic effect of the implementation is the poverty reduction and increase in the minimum wage, which contributed to a significant unshadowing of labour remuneration, correspondently, to an increase in revenues to the budgets of all levels and funds of compulsory state social insurance, and ensured the principled possibility to increase pensions, and increase incomes of the most vulnerable segments of the population. The updated legislation and regulations in the context of the implementation of the Plan to counter the erosion of the tax base and the elimination of tax-free profits will promote sustainable, clear and transparent business rules, gradual reduction of the shadow sector, which makes almost a third of the Ukrainian economy (1% of its volume, according to data 2018 is about 35.6 billion UAH of the GDP per year, including about 12 billion UAH of the total amount of tax revenues and social contributions).

Number of publications: 60 monographs, 20 manuals, 300 articles (24 in foreign journals). According to databases, the total number of citations of authors' publications/h-index of the work is correspondently: Web of Science – 6/2; Scopus – 6/2; Google Scholar – 15038/64. 16 doctoral and 47 PhD theses have been defended on this subject.